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A virtual facility tour can be a useful tool for a wide range of businesses and organizations. Many people relate virtual tours to real estate, but they also have applications for universities, long-term care facilities, and hotels, as well as industrial operations such as manufacturing. Virtual tours have been around for decades, and while they have always been an effective technique to connect with viewers, they are more essential than ever. They allow potential customers to see what you have to offer even if there are concerns about safety and convenience that prevent people from traveling to the site, such as might be the case with industrial and manufacturing operations.

There are best practices you can follow to help you create a virtual tour of your facility that connects with your audience.

1. A Successful Virtual Facility Tour Appeals to Your Intended Audience

A virtual tour is a means of communicating with your audience primarily through visual means, providing them with the information they need to know to make an informed decision about whether to work with you for manufacturing or other industrial operations. When planning your tour, start by identifying the needs of your potential clients. Everything that you include in your tour should be relevant to those needs.

2. Your Virtual Tour Should Communicate Your Brand Story

Once you have identified your audience’s needs, your virtual facility tour should communicate how your company or organization is prepared to meet those needs. A prospective customer is probably asking what sets you apart from your competition in industrial operations. Therefore, your virtual tour should be able to demonstrate the unique value that you have to offer in manufacturing. Make sure your viewers walk away with a knowledge of your name and a favorable impression of your manufacturing company and industrial operations.

3. A Successful Virtual Facility Tour Should Be Aesthetically Pleasing

A virtual tour is a way of enhancing reality. It provides a realistic representation of what the manufacturing facility looks like but shows it to the best possible effect. The ability to take pictures from different angles allows viewers to experience the industrial atmosphere as though they were present in the space. High-quality video recording equipment, innovative techniques, and careful planning beforehand can help you create a virtual tour of your manufacturing facility or industrial operation that is as captivating as it is realistic. Ideally, the viewer should be excited to see the facility in person after watching the tour.

4. A Virtual Tour Should Be Functional

While aesthetics are important, they should not take precedence over all other considerations when creating a virtual facility tour. Your audience comes to you with questions, and your virtual tour should be able to answer them. You must have a rationale behind every aspect of the production. If you cannot provide a reason behind a choice beyond the way it looks, do not include it.

Create a Professional Virtual Facility Tour With MatchPoint Studio

Creating a virtual facility tour may not seem too difficult, but making one that is effective can be challenging. With 30 years of experience, MatchPoint Studio works with you to create a professional presentation that connects with your audience and sets you apart from the competition. Contact us to get started.