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You’ve done the work to put on an exceptional event. Now you want to capitalize on your efforts by taking your post event strategy to the next level. Video content drives more engagement and allows you to share your event widely. Here are some reasons that video can maximize your steps after the event and tee up your next gathering.

Why Should I Invest in Post Event Strategy?

Your post event strategy allows you to follow up with your guests and keep in touch for future engagements. You never want your event to end at your event, so it always pays to think a step ahead. There are a few simple ways to follow up with your guests:

  • Sending thank-you messages
  • Reaching out to no-shows
  • Offering follow-up content such as photos and videos
  • Asking for feedback on a survey

In short, it’s crucial to think about the ways you can keep your guests coming back for more.

How Can Video Elevate My Post Event Strategy?

The statistics are in: Video marketing is enormously effective in driving engagement, with 86% of marketers saying that video content generates leads. Videos give your guests a visual to remember the experience while encouraging them to stay in touch. Here are some ways that video content can boost your post event strategy.

1. Make It Personal

Developing a personal connection with your guests helps to build relationships. Video content gives you a unique opportunity to put a face to the name and speak promptly with your guests after the event. As opposed to a follow-up email, a video gives you the chance to speak directly to your guests. If you make a good impression, why not build on that with a personalized video?

2. Encourage Sharing

Not only is video content more engaging, but it is also very simple to post on social media. It is far easier for you and your guests to share a video clip than a lengthy message. Your post event strategy can pull double duty, both with the guests who attended the event and with others in your network that won’t want to miss the next one.

3. Capitalize on Your No-Shows

Video is a great way to give your no-shows a glimpse into your event. Just because someone couldn’t attend, it does not mean they aren’t interested in future opportunities. An exciting video capturing key moments from your gathering encourages them to attend the next one. MatchPoint Studio offers services to highlight your event, which means you don’t have to worry about capturing the best moments for anyone who couldn’t be present.

4. Go Deeper With Your Product

Another effective follow-up with your guests is to offer a closer look at any products or services discussed at the event. Piquing someone’s interest in person and following up with engaging video content that gives them more information is a highly effective way of drawing in future customers and guests.

What Are My Next Steps?

If you’re looking to upgrade your post event strategy with video content, look for a video production team that meets your needs. Check out our services and see why the MatchPoint Studio video production team is setting a new standard in the advertising industry.