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Email video content is one of the best ways to connect with prospective customers. According to digital marketing research, videos can increase click-through rates on initial emails in campaigns by 96%. Find out about five benefits of pairing email and video marketing, particularly when a company invests in producing high-quality video content.

1. More Recipients Watch Email Video Content

Email subject lines indicating that messages contain video content tend to have higher open rates than other emails. When recipients log into their email inboxes, they expect to spend time reading and writing messages. Messages that include videos offer a welcome break from these chores.

For the best results, email marketers should select videos that reinforce the messages of targeted emails. When recipients realize that emails and videos align with their reasons for subscribing to receive emails, contact preferences or interests, they are more likely to open messages and watch videos.

Email marketing methods have a direct impact on email video views and conversions. Senders can choose from several presentation methods, such as embedding videos and linking to videos hosted on a business website or video sharing platform. Keep in mind that some email service providers do not enable users to play videos directly within messages. Linking to videos can drive up page visits and lead to higher conversion rates. 

2. Email Inboxes Are Less Saturated With Videos

Users of video-driven applications and sharing channels expect to watch content. Text and image content are customary in email inboxes, which means that promotional videos may be more effective and memorable in this context than if the same content is posted on channels where video content is the norm.

While the vast majority of digital marketing professionals use video for marketing purposes, statistics indicate that only 25% of marketers include video content in email campaigns. Given that the number of business and consumer emails is expected to exceed 347 billion by the end of 2023, email marketers should focus on proven ways to increase open rates.

Emphasizing the type of content is key for getting the benefits of email video marketing. For instance, including the word “video” in a subject line has been shown to increase open rates by 7% to 13% in addition to driving a 21% higher rate of conversion and 24% higher average order value.

3. Marketing Videos Are a Good Match for Targeted Emails

Coordinating digital marketing strategies for email and video marketing can improve outcomes from both approaches in addition to combined campaigns. Overview videos are well suited for inclusion in initial emails, while product and service videos can be natural choices for targeted email promotions. Sales and testimonial videos are a good fit for trigger emails, as are other types of videos that correspond to the basis for segmented email lists.  

To align email and video marketing strategies, stakeholders should consider how videos can fit into messaging for leads and repeat customers. MatchPoint works with businesses and organizations to determine the most effective topics and length for promotional videos. Digital marketers should aim to align promotional messages with relevant video content such as overviews, showcases of products and services, or client testimonials.

The advantages of email video marketing are directly related to how pertinent video content is to the subject of emails. Relevant videos are more likely to lead to higher open, click-through and conversion rates. When recipients know that they can count on on-topic communications and expect to see high-quality video content, they are also more likely to open future messages.

4. Email Video Content Makes a Lasting Impression

Video marketing research indicates that 80% of viewers can remember video advertisements for up to 30 days. Videos in email can be even more memorable than content posted on channels that are saturated with video content.

It is still important to factor in research about the most effective presentation methods for promotional videos. Studies show that videos shorter than two minutes are more effective for viewer retention and likely to be shared. Videos that are less than 90 seconds long have a 53% retention rate, while videos that are longer than 30 minutes retain 10% or less of viewers. The length of videos also factors into production costs.

Senders can get the highest return on investment from email video marketing by making relevant content that is convenient to watch. Sending high-quality videos that appeal to segmented recipients also increases the appeal and resonance of email communications. Smart digital marketers can find ways to turn the fact that email remains an underutilized method for presenting video content to their advantage. 

5. The Right Email Video Can Lead To Conversions

Segmenting contact lists is an essential aspect of email marketing. Marketers can use triggers such as email list signups, opened messages or conversions to send the most relevant information to recipients at the right time. An initial email is a good opportunity to send an overview video, while indications of interest in products or services can be the ideal time to share testimonials.

Sending personalized or targeted emails is one of the best ways to increase open and click-through rates. Marketing campaigns can take contact preferences and specified interests into account, as well as triggers such as opened messages, purchase history or abandoned carts or forms. Some planning is needed to sync up email video content with these types of messages, but the outcomes can include higher open, viewing, retention and conversion rates. 

Making smart decisions about video marketing can ensure that a business or organization invests in producing the right types of content. Overview videos, promotional content for products and services, and filmed testimonials can be relevant media for use in practically any type of segmented email marketing.

Producing and sharing quality video content is essential for getting all of the benefits of email video marketing. MatchPoint specializes in overview, product, service and sales videos that put forward the best face of any enterprise. Contact us to get an estimate for video content optimized for your email marketing.