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Introducing your commercial property management company to your community is an important step toward gaining client trust and getting your name out there. Whether you are a new commercial business or you’ve been dealing with property management for a while but haven’t officially introduced yourself to your renters yet, you may want to try using video. Viewers retain 95% of video messaging compared to 10% of messaging in text format.

Marketers who use video in their overall marketing campaigns experience conversion rates up to 34% higher than marketers who don’t use video marketing. If you still aren’t convinced, consider the fact that 87% of video marketers report a positive ROI from video marketing. Your introduction video is a type of marketing for your commercial property management company. Here are five benefits you can directly receive from using video in a professional way.

Experience These 5 Benefits of Video To Introduce Your Commercial Property Management

When you’re busy juggling multiple accounts and renters, it can be challenging to find the time to meet with them each in person. It’s also more challenging to meet in person when you’re dealing with the effects of a global pandemic. Fortunately, video marketing can provide your clients with the feeling of an in-person meeting even when you aren’t in the same building. Here are the top benefits you can experience when you use video to introduce your commercial property management company.

1. Boost Visual Interest

You can make your introduction video visually interesting by using professional video staging techniques and a quality video script. If you aren’t sure how to do these things yourself, that’s where MatchPoint Studio comes in. We specialize in creating high-quality videos that are strategically designed to maximize visual interest and draw your audience in.

When utilized effectively, a video introduction can be much more dynamic than an in-person or written introduction. We use leading videography and marketing techniques to create videos that allow your renters to experience your company first-hand. We’ll help you define your expertise and move renters’ decisions going forward.

2. Earn Client Trust

When you take the time to introduce yourself to your renters through a professional video, it can help to earn their trust. Your quality video will help give them peace of mind that they are dealing with a legitimate commercial property management company that is committed to customer service.

Your video doesn’t have to be long to be effective. Even a 3- to 5-minute introduction should be sufficient to show your renters who you are and how they can get in contact with you when necessary. Just let us know what video length you want, and we’ll make it happen. We invite you to check out our portfolio to see some of the leading videos we have created for clients like you.

3. Make a Connection

Some property management companies still send renters written introductions through emails or letters. This is an acceptable way to introduce yourself, but it isn’t a great way to make a personal connection with your clients. A professional introduction video, on the other hand, can help you connect with your renters on a more personal level.

Through your commercial property management introduction video, you can let the personality of you and your team members shine through. If you value humor, we can add some humor to your video script. If you want to come across as highly professional, we’ll create a video that reflects who you are. It’s much easier to showcase your personality and values through a video than it is to showcase these same things through text alone.

When you make a connection with your renters, you’re more likely to maintain a quality continuing relationship with them. You may even earn their recommendation, which could help you grow your business and gain more renters in the future.

4. Improve Your Brand Awareness

People are more likely to share videos than they are to share letters. If you want to improve your brand awareness and get your name out there, creating an introductory video is a great way to do so. You can share your video with your renters directly and also include it on your website so that potential renters can learn more about you.

If you create a quality commercial property management introduction video that resonates with your viewers, they are more likely to share it with their network of professionals. The more your video is shared, the more you can improve your brand awareness and boost your business. If growth is your goal, creating an unforgettable introduction video is a great way to achieve it.

5. Reach a Broader Audience

When you use video to introduce your property management team, you have the ability to reach a broader audience. This is because 68% of consumers prefer learning more about services through videos rather than articles, infographics or other written mediums.

It stands to reason that the broader the audience you reach, the greater ability you have to grow your client base and enjoy greater profits. If you’ve been struggling to reach more potential renters, creating a video introduction of your property management company and team may be exactly what you need to bring in more business going forward.

Create Your Commercial Property Management Introduction Video

As you can see, there are many great reasons to incorporate video marketing and video introductions into your commercial property management business. We can leverage our video marketing expertise to help you boost visual interest, earn client trust, make a connection with your audience, improve brand awareness, and reach a broader audience. We have years of experience successfully doing all of these things for companies in the real estate and general business industries.

Are you ready to create your engaging property management introduction video? Contact MatchPoint Studio today, and we’ll help you tell your unique story in a way that will boost your trustworthiness and help you make a connection with your clients. We look forward to helping you introduce yourself to your renters in a personable and engaging way that will help you get the results you want.