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Did you know real estate videography isn’t just for large commercial buildings? Though it works well for commercial purposes, it’s also a great tool to use when selling a home. It’s just as valuable for regular home sellers as it is for contractors, real estate investors, and anyone else who wants to sell or showcase one or more properties.

According to one source, real estate listings that include video receive on average 400% more inquiries than real estate listings without video. Additionally, 70% of homebuyers watch video tours of houses before making a purchasing decision. Here at MatchPoint Studio, we thrive on creating stunning, high-quality real estate videography for all types of business and individual needs. Here’s a little background of what we do, and the many benefits our videography services can offer you when you’re trying to sell real estate.

What Is Real Estate Videography?

Promotional videography in the real estate industry isn’t much different than videography used for advertising in any other industry. To create our real estate videos, we use drone technology and other high-tech equipment to take professional videos that appeal to potential buyers. We do so much more than simply film a property. We try to tell a story and evoke the desired emotion that makes the property in question desirable to viewers.

We frequently provide videography services for both residential real estate properties and commercial real estate properties. The techniques we use differ slightly between the two types because we’re trying to appeal to two different audiences.

Our residential real estate videography is intended to help realtors drive referrals, encourage potential clients to buy, and increase the likelihood of repeat business. Our commercial real estate video marketing helps to land more deals by appealing to buyers in an extremely competitive market. We’ll help your property stand out and get noticed so it sells quickly.

What Are the Benefits of Real Estate Videography?

Now that you know a bit about real estate video marketing and how it can benefit you whether you’re selling a home or a commercial building, it’s time to talk about the many impressive benefits this service can offer you. After all, it’s important to know what you’ll get out of a service before you dedicate money to it.

While the potential benefits of quality real estate videography done by an experienced company are plentiful, here are the five top advantages our current clients consistently say they appreciate the most.

1. Impress Potential Buyers

If you can impress potential buyers and convince them that your property is worth buying, the hardest part of selling is already past. Our videography services are so well-done that they’ll convince any potential buyer that your property is worth buying and will probably sell fast. We’ll highlight the most desirable aspects of your property in an engaging and insightful way.

We guarantee that our real estate videography products will impress potential buyers more than photographs alone. If you want to increase your chances of selling your property before your competition, it’s worth it to invest in professional video marketing services.

2. Attract a Wider Variety of Buyers

One of the most common problems when trying to sell a property is only getting one demographic to come out and look at your listing. If you want to attract more than just your limited local buyers, you need to invest in video marketing.

With this type of marketing, you can appeal to potential buyers from all over the nation or even the world. If you’re selling an expensive property that may not appeal to your local demographic, the video we create for you can help attract a wider variety of buyers.  

3. Sell Your Property for More Money

Everyone uses photographs to sell their properties, but not everyone uses videography services. If you want to give your property an edge over all the others and potentially sell it for more money, ask us about our real estate videography services.

Videography can make properties seem far more luxurious than still pictures can do on their own. If you want to appeal to buyers who are OK paying more money to secure the property of their dreams, take advantage of the magic of videography to showcase the best features.

4. Decrease the Amount of Time It Takes To Sell

Buyers love to watch videos of properties they’re thinking of buying. That means a lot of people may skip over listings without video in favor of listings with video. By investing in real estate videography of your property, you’ll most likely attract more attention than other real estate ads and thus decrease the amount of time it takes to sell your property.

5. Improve Buyer Competition

The more interest you get in your real estate listing, the more likely you are to receive competing offers from buyers. Real estate videography tends to generate much more interest than photographs alone. This means you can count on your real estate video to encourage a lot of healthy competition among buyers.

The more buyer competition you have, the greater your chances of getting at least your asking price (or perhaps an even higher amount than that!) Any investment you put toward video marketing is likely to be well worth the increased offers you get from multiple buyers who want your property because they fell in love with your real estate video.

Contact Us for Your Real Estate Videography Needs

We’d love to show you firsthand what exceptional real estate videography looks like and how it can help you experience greater success when selling your home or commercial property. Our goal is to help you close more deals and get or exceed your asking price. We also want to help you dominate the market and experience success in your endeavors.

To schedule your consultation or get started on a project right away, please contact us. We look forward to providing you with the best video marketing services and products in the real estate industry.