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Graphic and Animation Add-In to Live Action Video Content

Live action video forms an intrinsic part of many comprehensive digital marketing strategies. As with any content, you want your production quality to stand out from the crowd. Adding motion graphics or animations to your live action project upgrades your productions with a style that reflects your brand and vision. Connect with your target audience more effectively now and over the long term with appealing and appropriate animations and motion graphics add-ins that support your company’s brand.

What Are Motion Graphics in Live Action Video Projects?

As a form of animated graphic design, motion graphics animate the text components of a video to add clarity and depth. They bring images to life as animation, using a mixture of media such as numbers, text, and audio to create visually and aurally appealing content that extends your brand’s reach.

Businesses add motion graphics and animations to live action videos for branding videos, online logos, and advertising. For example, advertisements use motion graphics tied to a compelling brand message and soundtrack to describe a service, concept, or product succinctly and convincingly. 

Why Use Live Action Video With Animation and Motion Graphics Add-Ins

As part of a live-action video, motion graphics allow you to explain complex or purely conceptual ideas straightforwardly and memorably. For instance, animated diagrams, visuals, and illustrations engage your viewers and encourage greater recall of the concepts and, importantly, your brand.

Make Your Message More Accessible

Whatever your target audience, they need to grasp your content quickly and thoroughly, even when your videos are necessarily short. Motion graphics help your viewers connect with the ideas, services, or products right out of the gate, and animations emphasize critical points for better retention. 

Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Appealing motion graphics added to your live action video are, because they are visually stimulating, inherently attention-getting. Even better, customizable graphics heighten brand recognition and establish a visual style that presents your company’s essential vision or mission. Capturing viewers’ attention in those key first 10 seconds is the first step to keeping it. 

Keep Your Audience Engaged

You want your target audience to engage with your digital resources, and high-quality motion graphics added to your online videos increase that interaction. When your viewers attend to your video more closely, your conversion rates inevitably grow, particularly when the content includes a mix of live action video with animation. Your audience connects to the emotions and body language of the people in the videos. At the same time, motion graphics help organize and communicate your ideas.

Create a Positive Lasting Impression

Motion graphics can tell your company’s story in clear and exciting ways, leading to long-lasting credibility and a powerful connection to your brand. Once your audience finishes watching your enhanced explainer video, product presentation, or awareness project, they’ll leave with a lasting and positive impression of your content.

When To Use Live Action Video With Motion Graphics

Live-action video and video animations serve various purposes, but you can leverage the power of both, either separately or together, to amplify the impact of your content. Collaboration with a professional video production team is essential in the conversation about how and when to use motion graphics effectively:

  • Live Action Videos: This is an excellent choice for product demonstrations and client testimonials, highlighting positive customer experiences or showing the value of a service or product value.
  • Animated Videos: Use animation-only content for educational or training videos to spotlight the details of a service or product, or to render a complex topic easier for a general audience to grasp. The simplified visual content is engaging without being overwhelming.
  • Hybrid Live Action and Animation: High-end motion graphics support and extend the value of live action video content with related on-screen copy. Motion graphics supplement descriptions of workplace protocols, new product or service offerings, and concept explanations.

How To Use Motion Graphics and Animation

Many significant benefits of incorporating motion graphics are somewhat intangible. Adding animations to your context allows you to explore and explain more abstract concepts and makes editing the video for updates easier.

The more concrete advantages of these add-ins relate directly to your overall marketing strategy: Motion graphics reach more people more effectively and for a longer time.

Brand Messaging

Update your logo with moving graphics to make it more attractive and attention-getting. Add animated logo graphics to your websites and social media posts. Since social media platforms encourage easy sharing of content, more interesting logos and live action video posts capture a broad audience with minimal effort on your end.

Product Presentations

Demonstrate your product for your customers with a hybrid mix of animation and live action. When potential customers virtually experience the use and value of a product, the likelihood of purchase increases. Similarly, product testimonials benefit from a blend of live action and animation, lending creativity and authenticity to the reviews, which are stories written by your clients.

Concept Explanations

When you need training videos for safety protocols or employee recruitment, motion graphics organize the information lucidly and in a memorable fashion so viewers can recall the essential points when needed. Similarly, explainer videos for your service-based company help your potential clients visualize your services.

Education and Motivation

Live action videos are about the story you want to tell your target audience about your brand, and colorful motion graphics illustrate your message in an entertaining and informative way. Motivational and awareness videos work well with added motion graphics, especially when you have crafted an intriguing story to share. The increased accessibility of animation also supports more direct calls to action from viewers.

How To Get Started With Enhanced Live Action Video

At MatchPoint, we have experience with live action video production and motion graphics, and we love working with companies looking to boost their online presence in innovative ways. From video pitches and B2B sales to recruitment videos and event recaps, we create videos that help your business emphasize your message and extend your brand’s audience. We want to work with you to tell your story, so reach out to our team to get your video project started today.