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5 Things To Look For in a Corporate Video Production Company

One of the most effective marketing tools available is video. Thanks to technological advancements that make it easier and less expensive, it is also the fastest-growing advertising medium. However, for a marketing video to be effective, it must be produced properly. For this reason, you want to hire a corporate video production company rather than attempt to record a video by yourself.

Of course, there are many video production companies available. This gives you multiple options but also makes it more difficult to find one that is just the right fit. Here are some important things to consider in a production company as you plan your special video.


1. Experience of the Corporate Video Production Company

Different types of videography use different techniques. Many production companies specialize in a particular type of content. If a company’s approach does not match your goals, it may not serve your purpose no matter how talented the team running it. For example, if you need someone to make an internal corporate video, you may not want to hire a company that mainly produces commercials for television.

2. Quality of the Product

You should always be able to view samples of videos the company produces before deciding to hire the team. Every production company should have a portfolio of representative past work ready to present upon demand or, better yet, posted on its website to view for free.

3. Accountability of the Company

In addition to a portfolio, the company should provide other opportunities to review and check on its work. Upon request, you should be presented with references from past clients. You should contact them and prepare to ask specific questions, not only about the end product but also about the process of working on video productions with the company.

4. Scale of the Corporate Video Production Company

What size organization does the company usually work with? Is it comparable in size to your business? It is not always important, but you may want to look for a production company that caters to clients of similar size and scale. If it is too large, you may not be able to afford it; if it is too small, it may not be able to produce what you need. As you choose, bear in mind that it may be easier for a larger production company to scale down than for a smaller one to scale up.

5. Engagement with Clients

There are many good reasons to hire an outside production company to handle your corporate video. You may have neither the time nor the skill to produce a high-quality end product. Nevertheless, the result should be reflective of you and your business. To make this happen, the production company should engage with you in determining your message and discussing project specifics that communicate with your intended audience in a way that will be effective.

Connect With Your Audience

Your company is unique, and at MatchPoint Studio, we believe your marketing video should reflect that. We are a corporate video production company that takes pride in offering a process that is straightforward and fun. Find out more about the many videography services we offer.