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The Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Real Estate Video Marketing

Video consumption across mobile devices continues to rise, yet many in the real estate industry fail to capitalize on the use of video as a marketing strategy. Though it may seem like high-quality video of homes and condos is relevant mostly to residential clients, agents who focus on commercial properties should consider implementing a commercial real estate video marketing strategy. From video walkthroughs to ariel drone footage and 3D tours, video can directly engage prospects across any device or location. When developing a video marketing strategy, keep in mind these crucial do’s and don’ts.

What You Should Do for Your Commercial Real Estate Video Marketing Strategy

It is always best to start a new venture armed with expert information. Knowing the best practices of video marketing for the commercial sector of the real estate industry can save you from wasting a lot of time and resources.

DO Understand Why It’s Important

When you understand the significant benefits of using video marketing, you are more apt to develop a clear strategy that works to your advantage. By using videos, you can better reach more than 60% of clients who would prefer to watch and learn than read to gather information. Video marketing also supersedes any written or photographic attempt to highlight the features and scope of a piece of commercial property. Commercial real estate video marketing creates an immersive experience.

DO Use More Than One Type of Video

While adding just one or two videos to the rest of your marketing strategy can boost closings, a variety of effective video marketing has the strongest impact. Listing videos are most commonly used, but you should diversify and add several other types for maximum impact.

  • Drones: Drone technology has come a long way, and it is extremely affordable to use professional drone videography equipment to provide an overhead view of a commercial property. This is the way to provide a clear view of the size of a piece of property and the layout of a complex.
  • Digital Rendition: For agents selling a new development or a property that is under construction, creating a digital rendering of the property through video gives clients a better idea of what they are purchasing. Digital renditions have a similar impact to a property tour.
  • Property Tour: A property tour gives a brief look at the amenities of a building, with overlay and narration proving the highlights and key details of the property. Tours should be short, ranging from just 30 seconds to about two minutes.

DO Consider Your Audience

A commercial real estate video marketing strategy should directly target business clients. Keep your brand in mind as you develop a video that appeals to a specific audience toward a purchase in a specific neighborhood or community. Not every client will want the location you are selling, so it is important to use the videos to generate interest with the target audience.

DO Pay Attention to Format

When you invest in a video production, consider ways it can be repurposed for additional marketing releases. A large video can be cut into smaller segments for sharing across social media platforms. If you plan to repackage videos, pay close attention to the formatting options of the platform where you intend to release the videos. The way you frame a property may need to be altered to capture cuts that also highlight individual aspects of a property in smaller social posts.

What You Shouldn’t Do With Your Commercial Real Estate Video Marketing Strategy

A strong strategy should proactively address and counter common pitfalls and mistakes of video marketing. In addition to following best practices recommended by the experts at MatchPoint Studio, avoiding these missteps can increase the effectiveness of your efforts and attract the right clients to the commercial properties they’ve been looking for.

DON’T Gloss Over the Location

One sales element that rings true in both residential and commercial property is location. Prior to selling a building or property, you need to sell the location. Close proximity to or within a reputable district or iconic neighborhood are highlights you can’t afford to ignore. Location lets you use a lifestyle narrative as a pillar of your video focus.

DON’T Give Away Too Much

When it showcasing the best features of a property, don’t try to highlight every possible thing. The goal is to show the aspects that make the property desirable while still creating an air of mystery that leaves a viewer desiring to see more. A good video typically focuses on the exterior, the main communal spaces such as boardroom or conference areas, and primary workspaces. Angle the shots or shoot the rooms so the viewer gets an idea of the depth of space while also creating the feeling of being in the space.

DON’T Discredit Any Amenities

Your goal in commercial real estate video marketing is to make a property look more desirable. The value of a property differs between clients, but your videos need to feature the aspects that are unique across industries. You don’t want to overlook a desirable feature thinking it may only appeal to a limited market. Private parking, rooftop gardens and virtual amenities all hold meaningful value to potential clients. Don’t forget to emphasize natural light and fresh air spaces or the property’s eco-friendly design.

DON’T Use Only Static Graphics

Commercial properties may not make very interesting video subjects, as buildings can be dull and static. To elevate the presentation and directly motivate the imagination to visualize potential, don’t forget to add motion graphics. Videography elements like animated linework and lower-third overlays add visual direction; don’t be afraid to explore a wide range of techniques to tell a property’s story.

What You Need To Get Started on a Commercial Real Estate Video Marketing Strategy

To develop a video presentation of the highest quality, MatchPoint Studio has the expert assistance you need. Trust the professional quality of our commercial real estate video marketing services to deliver digital media that attracts clients and sells properties. Don’t try to do it on your own. Do use MatchPoint Studio.