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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Video Production

Did you know that 83% of marketers believe video marketing is crucial to reaching new audiences? Corporate video production is also important for engaging existing audiences, so you can keep customers informed and entertained. 

As a business owner, you may feel confused about how to present your company in a flattering way using video. This is especially difficult if you provide a service and not a product. Things become even more complicated when employees do not feel comfortable representing the company on camera.

The good news is that many companies have been down this road before and struggled with the same problems — and then some. Their experiences paved the way for creating solutions you can apply to your business and create amazing videos that attract, engage and convert viewers. Here’s what you need to know.

Corporate Video Production

People Are Reading Less

Content is still king, but articles are no longer the primary form of content customers want to see. One Hubspot survey found that 54% of consumers rank videos as the top form of content they want to see from brands. To add to this, 34% wanted to see social videos. In comparison, only 18% of consumers wanted to see more articles. This is in line with a trend of declining readership rates in virtually all areas of the written word, from books to newspapers.

There Are Different Types of Videos

Of course, videos come in different forms, but how do you sort out the different types? For content marketing purposes, you can categorize videos according to the use. Remembering the purpose they were created for helps you stay on track. These are popular options for categories:

  • Tutorial or how-to videos
  • Advertising or branding videos
  • Expert interview videos
  • Personalized messages
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Event videos

Every Brand Has a Story

Few companies or brands make it to the point of operations without stories to share. Some companies might need to dig a little deeper than others, but the story exists. Even if you had a fairly easy process of bringing your products and services to market, there is a story behind the values, missions and goals of the business. What is it that inspires you? How does your product or service empower your customers or solve their problems? What are your customers’ stories and how can you get them to share?

Video Marketing Requires a Plan

All marketing formats involve moving parts, but video marketing arguably has the most going on. Writing is a solo activity, and photography can take place in a single frame. In contrast, video marketing involves many frames and also often requires cooperation among multiple people. A solid plan can ensure you keep track of all moving pieces, especially when there are fees involved.

Review the Marketing Plan

Corporate video production does not occur in a vacuum. It should be part of a larger marketing plan. Virtually all businesses and managers have limited resources, so how can you allocate your resources to incorporate video marketing into the existing marketing plan? Simply adding it to the existing plan fails to address the complex issues associated with limited resources. It’s also important to look beyond just money. Time and labor are important considerations.

Design the Video

Design is most commonly associated with still-frame activities, but it is a big part of planning a video project too. What will your video look like? Who will you have behind the camera and in front of it? Will you add music? If yes, where do you get it from? How long will the video be? Where do you intend to post it? Will you need different in-video calls to action for each publishing point? Is the content evergreen? These are some of the many questions you need to address before you begin shooting.

Get a Camera

Most companies start off using smartphones for video marketing. Millennials and Generation Z have popularized the use of these devices to make eye-popping videos, and companies can start off doing the same. However, real cinematography requires a professional camera. In some instances, you may also prefer to hire professionals to operate it. Consider your options based on your budget and the final product you have in mind.

Choose Actors

Your actor does not need to be a literal paid actor. An employee who volunteers to let you film his work process is an actor, even if he makes no changes to his usual routine. If your employees are unwilling to participate, though, consider hiring actual actors. Some companies have also turned their products into actors by using positioning and computer graphics to make the product move independent of an individual.

Determine the Editing Process

Ideally, you begin every video editing process with high-quality videos. This increases the likelihood of a final product you can be proud of. However, if you have excellent editing skills or you hire someone who does, the final product could look amazing even with a video shot from a budget smartphone. Because of this, the professional who edits your video is arguably the most important.

Working With Professionals Is Ideal

Some small business owners make killer videos on their own. These are professionals who had existing experience with videography, are invested in learning those skills or found a creative outlet to feel passionate about. Even so, creating videos is a time-consuming process. A few minutes of screentime can take weeks to plan, days to film and hours to edit. 

It takes even longer when you don’t have the right tools and experience to simplify the process. If time is money for your business or your business could use your professional skills in operations, reconsider tackling video marketing on your own. Instead, hire professionals with the necessary skill sets and tools.

MatchPoint Studio Makes Videos That Engage

You are still in business today because you are good at what you do. Your customers look to you for guidance, product delivery or service offerings. MatchPoint Studio is in business for the same reason, and we specialize in creating videos for you. Let us do what we do best for you, so you can do the same for your business. If you’d like to take your video from zero to 100 real quick, start a project with us today.