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Bring Your Message to Life With MatchPoint Studio Indianapolis Video Production Studios

Video is one of the most powerful communication media. It engages audiences with both their eyes and ears. It is an opportunity to tell a story about your brand, project or product. Using the right video, you can enhance your digital marketing, share a deeper message about your organization and increase your conversion rate. With the help of our Indianapolis video production studios, your brand could harness the full potential of video.

The Power of Video

Did you know that 86% of businesses use video? Additionally, nearly nine out of 10 video marketers report a positive return on investment. If you aren’t using video as part of your marketing mix, you are missing out.

The significance of video comes from its narrative structure. People intuitively follow the story presented in a video. They relate to the characters and enjoy watching the action unfold. Video can create an emotional connection with the audience that doesn’t exist in other media. Do you want them to feel excited, inspired, impressed or empathetic? You can achieve that with the right video.

Enhance Engagement and Increase Bottom-Line Results

One of the great challenges of the digital marketing arena is cutting through the noise to reach your audience loud and clear. With video, you can create eye-catching experiences that help to get your brand noticed. Then, a strong narrative can engage the audience on a deeper level.

Increased engagement is essential for improving your conversion rate. Research suggests that improving engagement can increase revenue by a significant margin. If you want to enhance the bottom-line performance of your business, brand engagement through video is a great starting point.

Ways To Use Video for Your Brand

There are many great ways to use video to help your organization achieve its goals. These are a few common types of video:

  • Overview/Explainers: Add a video to your home page explaining who you are and what you do. This can help your audience “get it” faster and more easily.
  • Product/Service Videos: Highlight your products or services with a video. This is an opportunity to delve into the true benefits of your offerings.
  • Testimonials: Social proof can play a big role in motivating buying decisions. With a video, your customers’ testimonials feel more genuine and impactful.
  • Video Pitches: Need to pitch to an investor, partner or B2B prospect? A video can be a powerful accompanying tool.
  • Recruitment Videos: You aren’t just selling your business to customers; you also need to attract top talent. A recruitment video can help you show off your work culture.
  • Event Highlight Reels: Want to show off highlights of your last event? A video is a great way to show the fun and value that you offered.

Contact MatchPoint Studio: Leading Indianapolis Video Production Studios

MatchPoint Studio is a leading provider of video production services in the Indianapolis area. We can help you harness the full power of video. Whether you need to market a product, raise funds for a nonprofit or pitch your idea to an investor, we have the tools and expertise you need. Contact us today to start working with the best Indianapolis video production studios.