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A well-designed facility tour video is a personal journey into the heart of your business. A virtual tour provides a dynamic presentation of your company’s technology, processes and culture. In today’s market, it’s essential to tell your business story in a way that brings your unique voice and message to potential customers.

Video tours allow businesses to experience your company at work and see the valuable products and services you offer. From anywhere in the world, businesses get a behind-the-scenes look at daily operations through this powerful visual medium. Here are some ways we help you develop an effective video tool.

Showcase Your Expertise With a Facility Tour Video

A video tour is an effective way to present your business model. You can showcase your facility operations at full scale and emphasize specific aspects of your technology and expertise. Customers get an overview of your organization and implementation processes and view the precision and quality of your company’s logistics. A product and service video brings people right to your virtual doorstep with eye-catching visuals and informative content.

Highlight People and Processes

Businesses want to get to know your company before working with you. You can walk people through a day-to-day scenario of how your teams work together to support your mission. A facility tour video puts people front and center when learning about your products and services. It is an appealing way to present essential material and give an up-close look at your unique company culture.

Provide 24/7 Accessibility

Mobile video access is helping businesses reach customers all day long throughout the year. Tour videos are a huge timesaver for companies. The information is always available at the tap of a button, and visitors from different time zones don’t have to wait to get an overview of your business. Accessibility is a critical advantage to generate valuable business leads.

There is also the advantage of having a 24/7 call-to-action at the end of your tour. With video, you can get creative and make this an immersive and compelling appeal to your audience.  

Customize Your Presentation

A video tour allows you to control the information you present in a high-quality format. Walking through a busy manufacturing setting is often noisy and distracting for visitors. A facility tour video keeps the presentation on point and viewers still get a personal feel for how things are done.

A video is also cost-effective. Arranging an in-person tour of your facility may interrupt manufacturing schedules and pull personnel away from their work. A video provides consistent access to customers, and you have the option to include unscripted conversations with management and staff that provide an interactive experience.

Send a Powerful Message With a Facility Tour Video

MatchPoint Studio is a leader in high-quality facility tour video creation that engages customers and brings your brand to life. Our team specializes in productions that highlight a company’s culture, values, services and products. We bring a visually compelling video experience to your audience, so they see firsthand all that you have to offer. Get started on a project and tell the story that makes your business unique.