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Police officers have a lot of duties, including protecting life and property, conducting criminal and traffic investigations, patrolling assigned areas and responding to calls for help. While these are the duties that are most important and most well-known, some police officer duties are a little less obvious (or glamorous).

Police officers are responsible for educating the public on topics of crime prevention and safety. They have routine and mundane tasks at the office as well as important, life-saving tasks. Sometimes new recruits have unrealistic expectations about the type of work they’ll do on a daily basis and think they’ll experience constant excitement. That’s why it’s important to include realistic police officer duties in your recruitment videos.

Why Include Police Officer Duties in Your Recruitment Videos

Policing isn’t always what people expect it to be. Hollywood often either glamorizes or demonizes the profession without accurately portraying what it involves. While there are certainly a lot of action-packed duties that a police officer has to deal with regularly, most daily activities involve responding to small calls or taking care of paperwork and other duties at the office. One thing that is certain is that no police officer can ever predict how his or her shift will unfold from day to day.

When police departments create recruitment videos, they often focus on the highlights of policing. This is understandable, but if you want to avoid having your new recruits feel disenfranchised or disappointed when they are asked to perform mundane tasks, you should let them know what to expect upfront. For these reasons and more, it’s essential to include as many police officer duties as possible in your recruitment videos (yes, even the mundane ones).

Of course, the most rewarding part of policing for most officers is the work they do at the front of the line, protecting others and saving lives. It’s important to highlight these duties in your recruitment videos, but you should at least make mention of the more mundane responsibilities as well, which may include:

  • Conducting welfare checks
  • Making hospital runs
  • Going on dog barking calls
  • Issuing traffic violation tickets
  • Sitting in a squad car at a construction site as the assigned officer presence
  • Conducting hours of surveillance
  • Writing accident reports
  • Filling out paperwork

Though these responsibilities may seem mundane and insignificant, they are important. You don’t need to focus on them in your recruitment videos, but at least spend some time on them so your potential recruits know what to expect when they get the job. You can stress the importance of these seemingly mundane tasks and why they are necessary.

Order Your Video Highlight Police Officer Duties Today

When recruits know what duties they will perform before they are hired, they are better prepared to jump right in and do their jobs well. If you need help creating professional police officer recruitment videos that accurately highlight police officer duties, reach out to MatchPoint Studio. We are highly skilled in creating videos that are customized to your target audience. Contact us at your earliest convenience for a personalized quote tailored to your department’s needs.