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Even a single positive online customer review can set a business on the path toward growth. Studies show that text and video reviews can influence purchasing behavior. Nearly nine out of every 10 prospective customers read reviews before buying, and many factor in both the quality and quantity of feedback. A growing percentage of consumers also prefer video testimonials. Find out how MatchPoint Studio uses review marketing in videos that help businesses grow.

How a Good Online Customer Review Can Drive Sales

The presence of one or more positive customer reviews on product description pages on online marketplaces or ecommerce sites has the potential to increase sales. A 2019 study found that the conversion rates of product pages with reviews are up to 3.5 times higher and that these pages have nearly 4.5 times higher Revenue Per Visitor than pages without reviews.

While product pages with reviews perform better than pages without reviews, the ratings and number of reviews are also significant. A 2020 study found that 49% of respondents considered the quantity of reviews of a product important, up from 35% in 2016. Businesses that pursue online customer review marketing should focus on getting genuine good reviews. 

A single review that savvy shoppers suspect is fake can undermine the trustworthiness of real reviews. While a negative review that goes unaddressed can have consequences, studies indicate that a mix of positive and negative reviews that are handled properly can increase perceptions of the trustworthiness of a brand. Video testimonials can also promote trust.

How Businesses Can Use Customer Reviews

The marketplace or forum in which reviews are published determines the options available for user-generated content. Text reviews on pages indexed by search engine crawlers can raise the search engine ranking of a brand and product. There are also more proactive ways to promote growth with customer reviews:

  • Get permission from reviewers to quote reviews
  • Include reviews or testimonials in video marketing materials
  • Refer to reviews or testimonials in social media content

Brands and sellers on Amazon must request permission from reviewers to quote reviews. The contents of reviews or testimonials cannot be used in titles, descriptions or images on product detail pages. It is a good policy to request permission to use any online customer review.

Middling and negative reviews can be useful in different ways. Brands can improve customer experience by addressing two- to four-star reviews or the corresponding range in other ranking systems. Responding to one-star reviews is even more important. Taking the time to offer customer service solutions in public responses can keep a business on the path toward growth.

What the Best Ways To Get Good Reviews Are

Every business should request reviews from customers. A recent local customer survey indicated that over 70% of consumers will leave reviews for businesses if asked. Asking for an online customer review after each purchase and even providing a prompt can go a long way toward getting more reviews and higher ratings. Ask customers to share feedback and thoughts or describe their level of satisfaction.

Requesting reviews in nonintrusive ways can balance out the complaints that occasion negative reviews. Some marketplaces prohibit sending unsolicited emails to customers, but brands and sellers can request reviews in order fulfillment or customer service messages. MatchPoint Studio can recommend ways to showcase good reviews in video review marketing.

How Good Customer Reviews Support Growth

Businesses that sell highly rated products are more likely to grow. Products with high rankings tend to appear near the top of category or search result pages. Many marketplaces also give customers the option to sort results by average online customer review. The increased visibility of well-reviewed products can drive up sales.

Consumer research suggests that most Amazon customers only consider purchasing products with ratings of 3.3 stars or above based on the five-star system of this marketplace. A study of local business rankings found that 94% of customers would consider giving their business to four-star businesses and 57% would consider three-star businesses, but just 15% would consider businesses with one- or two-star averages.

A customer who sees a high average rating for a business or product and reads a positive online customer review is more likely to make a purchase. An ongoing commitment to high-quality products and good customer service is essential to continuing to get good reviews and grow. Companies that commit to transparency about reviews can increase consumer confidence.

What To Do With Customer Reviews

To sum up, small business owners or marketing staff at larger enterprises should monitor any sites on which customers post reviews of your product or brand. Ideally, a business should take the time to thank customers who post good reviews. Business representatives can also request permission to quote a review in video marketing materials. Based on marketplace policies and the availability of contact information, a brand or seller may also reward reviewers who have already posted with discount codes.

When a consumer posts a negative online customer review, business representatives should act quickly to address the issue. Recent statistics indicate that more than half of customers expect a response to a negative review from a company within a week. Customer service protocols should be in place for handling complaints, exchanges, returns and warranties.

It may not be possible to remove authentic bad reviews, but research suggests that most online shoppers consider a mix of positive and negative reviews to be an indication of credibility and trustworthiness. Even if you have the ability to scrub bad reviews from an e-commerce website, censorship may not be the best approach. A 2020 survey found that up to 62% of global consumers said they would stop using platforms that are known to censor reviews.

Online Customer Review Marketing for Growth

Marketing videos featuring reviews and testimonials that are targeted toward prospective customers or investors can stimulate growth. MatchPoint Studio offers a wide range of video marketing solutions to showcase any online customer review, highlight positive ratings or address negative feedback. Taking a proactive approach to review marketing is essential to grow a business.