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It can be tough coming up with creative ways to engage with potential clients. While traditional advertising is always valuable, many consumers go out of their way to avoid viewing ads. This means that there are probably a large number of potential clients who haven’t heard of your company. Even if you have achieved unprecedented local success, there are almost always unrealized markets left to tap into. If you’ve been looking for ways to do this, live event production is a great way to start.

What Is Live Event Production?

While there are many different types of event production, a production event is one in which a business interacts directly with potential clients. By recording and broadcasting through online video hosting platforms, live productions allow online viewers to get a better sense of your company’s values, personality, products, and services. 

One of the best things about hosting occasions for your business is that it allows you to combine the power and credibility of a physical location with the permanence of a high-quality video. Because customers are often understandably skeptical of services they find online, they may be hesitant to try something before they find proof of its value. Live showings that aren’t recorded offer powerful sales opportunities for those in attendance, but their value typically decays rapidly. 

Live event production gives prospective clients all the social proof they need to trust your company. When people see dozens or more enthusiastic attendants at your event, they understand instinctively that your business has value. 

What Types of Events Can Be Recorded?

Simply put, there are few limits on the kinds of events you can put together, so long as they are sufficiently compelling to attract a sizable audience. Unless you have a long history of putting such events together, brainstorming ideas can be the hardest part of planning marketing occasions. In most cases, the kinds of events you should put on should reflect your company’s primary business activities. Examples include:

  • A “how-to” on finding deals in real estate
  • A university alumni fundraiser
  • Gym-hosted fitness competitions
  • Instructional maintenance seminar for an auto care company

Successful ideas usually harness people’s innate enthusiasm for your product or service. College alumni, for example, are likely to have fond memories of their student days and are eager to revisit old friends. This sincere enthusiasm shows in recordings, and clients are excellent at picking up on emotional nuances.

How Can Live Event Production Help Your Business?

You can view an event recording as a complementary alternative to regular video advertising. While both are important to your business, they each have different strong points. Where video ads are explanatory and easily hosted online, live events provide a level of credibility and social proof unattainable through most other means. Remember, enthusiasm is contagious. Harness it whenever you can.

If you have been searching for ways to take your marketing strategy to the next level, consider live event production. By going above and beyond to host activities and showings, you place yourself well ahead of the competition. For professional and experienced video production services, MatchPoint Studio can help. Contact us today for a consultation.