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In 2020, 239 million people viewed video content online. Hosting an event provides an excellent opportunity for showcasing your brand, and video is a powerful medium for capturing the event. Video can help you reach a wider audience, strengthen your message and improve your relationships with your customers.

However, you need a polished product that compels viewers to keep watching to make your video work for you. Taking the right steps to prepare for an event video production can help you create a powerful marketing product.

The Power of Event Video Production

In today’s online landscape, standing out from the crowd can be challenging. It’s essential to understand what online audiences like. Right now, video is king. Do you have an email list? Adding a video to an email can increase your click-through rates by as much as 300%, and embedding the content on your landing page may boost your conversions by up to 80%. People are also more likely to share videos than other content types.

Filming an event allows you to invite viewers into your world on a personal and emotional level. Event videos have the power to:

  • Reveal your brand’s personality
  • Highlight your values
  • Create a connection with your audience
  • Build trust in your brand
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Boost search engine optimization results
  • Reach a wider audience

With so much riding on your event video production, you want to make sure you prepare for the big filming day.

The Ways To Prepare

You don’t want to leave the outcomes of your video to chance. Following these guidelines can improve video quality and viewability.

Establish Clear Goals

The first thing you need to do is establish your goals for filming this event. The more details you have about what you want the video to achieve, the easier it is to determine what kind of footage you need. You should also understand how this video fits your brand’s broader message and your overall marketing plan. Ask yourself the following questions before your event video production:

  • What outcomes do you want to see from your efforts? You may want to sell more products, educate your audience or give prospective employees an insider’s view of your company.
  • Who is your target audience? Think about who your prospective viewers are. It’s important to know how narrow or broad your audience is as well. Considering how much your potential viewers might already know about your brand drives the type of content you need to focus on.
  • What is the unique selling point for your event? Know what makes this event unique and compelling for your audience. You may want to highlight more than one USP. You can certainly do so, but knowing what you want to showcase before your event video production is crucial.

Once you know your goals for filming, you can focus on creating content that meets those goals.

Create Compelling Video Content

The content needs to meet your goals and connect with your audience. Your viewers should recognize themselves in the video. You want them to see your brand as something they can identify with. Plan which aspects of the event provide you with the best opportunities to include your audience in the action.

Know who you can talk to among the attendees or presenters to capture testimonials along with live-action footage. When possible, ask for volunteers ahead of time to increase your chances of getting willing interview or testimonial participants.

Present a wide range of people who represent the viewers you want to attract. When getting ready for your event video production, be prepared for filming to combine wide-angle shots and close-ups of event participants. Make sure your participants know filming is taking place.

Make the Most of Filming Day

When you invest in video production, you want to make the most of the content. While you can use the footage to create a single video, doing so often dilutes the power of the content because you try to achieve too much with your one opportunity.

Instead, consider how you can use the opportunity to capture footage for multiple videos. Doing so may increase your upfront investment a bit for your event video production, but the resulting products can provide additional content for months.

Create Optimized Content

The first seconds of your video are arguably the most important. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Let your audience know up front why they should keep watching. If you don’t capture them at the beginning, they’re likely going to move along, deleting your email, leaving your landing page or scrolling right past your social media post.

No matter how long your videos are, make sure you keep them concise. When you work with an event video production team, the professionals can help you stay on point with your content. It can be easy to get carried away with script length, feeling like the more you say, the better. However, it’s far more beneficial to say find a way to say more with fewer words and shorter footage.

Film for the Platforms You Use

The ideal length of your product depends on the platform you use. Not only does each forum establish length limits, but viewers also have different expectations and viewing habits for each one. Make sure your content matches the platforms you use, and know what audiences expect from the videos they watch on those sites. Knowing where you plan to post your videos ahead of time makes it easier to plan to film on event video production day.

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention, it can be helpful to think outside the box. Consider new ways to use your videos that you haven’t yet tried. For instance, you may want to consider embedding your event highlights in your invitations for next year’s event.

The Event Video Production Team You Can Count On

At MatchPoint Studio, you can count on us to create engaging videos that tell your brand’s story. Let us help you make the most out of an event video production. Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you.