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There are many ways to promote your business. From ads to social media posts, business owners are always looking for new ways to engage their communities and display their company’s strengths. A testimonial video is a great way to accomplish this. Client endorsements can be paramount in highlighting positive experiences from a first-hand account.

Understanding the Impact of a Testimonial Video

When looking for a business that can meet their needs, consumers often find that client testimonials are the best place to start. Reviews and testimonials offer a unique insight into the customer experience — they allow potential clients to garner information about your company’s values, product or services, and overall dynamic. Using a testimonial video is an even more personable, engaging way to allow consumers to get a feel for your business — straight from the mouths of those who know best.

Laying the Groundwork for a Testimonial Video

Before reaching out to clients about testimonial videos, you first need to decide what you want the finished product(s) to convey. Ask yourself a few questions:

1. Who Should Be Featured?

Do you have a frequent customer? Is there a client who has already expressed gratitude for your company? Start by making a list of valued customers who may be interested in sharing their opinions. While you want to showcase your company in its best light, don’t forget the value of a positive outcome story. If you have a client who can share how a disappointing situation was remedied or how leadership encouraged feedback and positive interaction, you may want to include the details. These situations can speak to the integrity of a business and increase returning customers.

2. What Is Your Vision?

How do you want your customer’s video to come across? Are you looking for a laid-back vibe or something a bit more structured? Do you have a certain length or style you’d like? A great video production team can help you brainstorm ideas and make a plan to carry them out.

Reaching Out to Clients for a Testimonial Video

Your clients are the most important part of the puzzle. You will want to make sure you reach out to them courteously and professionally. Make sure to remember these important points:

1. Show Appreciation

Let your clients know you are reaching out because you value their opinions. Specifically, mention any positive encounters you have had with them and let them know their support is meaningful to you.

2. Make Them Feel Comfortable

Assure your clients they will be working with a team of professionals while making their testimonial videos. Let them know you will be there to help guide the process and they have the freedom to convey their true thoughts and experiences.

3. Practice Good Timing

Steer clear of asking clients to participate in a video testimonial before they have had the chance to fully experience your product or service and your company’s nature. Focus on customers who have experienced success with your company and are eager to help you grow.

Your customers are your best form of marketing. A testimonial video can serve to entice potential clients, motivate team members and encourage current clients to become returning customers. Contact us today for a quote.