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Are you looking for ways to meet the recruitment goals of your department and create a cohesive and positive culture? Consider creating a police recruitment video. When done well, a police recruitment video can help you attract the right type of recruits to your department and improve overall morale. Here are some of the top ways to use video content to promote recruitment and police culture in your department.

Highlight an Officer’s Duty

The majority of police officers report that they worry about their safety at least part of the time. There must be something deep and powerful that pushes every officer to continue showing up for work each day despite the underlying worries about personal safety. A strong sense of duty and responsibility can give officers the courage required to tackle such a high-risk job.

In your police recruitment video, be sure to highlight the importance of an officer’s daily duties. Showcase the valor and bravery of police officers and use your video as an opportunity to illustrate how each member of your department supports and strengthens every other member. Don’t forget to also highlight the rewards that come along with the risks, including the gratitude of community members and opportunities to rise through the ranks.

Create a Great Elevator Pitch

Remember that your police recruitment video has to be convincing to be effective. You’ll need to come up with a compelling and interesting elevator pitch for short videos. These pitches should dive right into what makes your department unique and desirable. What helps you stand out from all the other police departments in nearby towns and cities? Why should a recruit choose your department over the larger one that’s just 20 minutes away?

If you don’t have a lot of experience in marketing, don’t worry. The professionals here at MatchPoint Studio are professional storytellers and can bring your department’s culture to life in video format. Let us help you create an elevator pitch that is compelling and can generate the recruitment results you want.

Develop a Desirable Police Culture

Too many police departments deal with unnecessary drama and internal bickering. While there is no easy way to get rid of these unwanted attitudes, a great police recruitment video can help. You can set the tone for what you want and expect your police culture to be like within your department. Recruits who view your video should get a clear understanding of what’s expected from them in terms of cooperation and attitude. This helps you build the type of culture that’s indicative of the most successful and cohesive police departments.

Generate Buzz

It can be challenging to attract the right recruits to your department, but you can improve your chances of getting high-quality applicants when you use your police recruitment videos to generate buzz. Your goal doesn’t have to be to go viral, but a video that’s interesting and different enough can bring more attention to your department.

Order Your Culture and Police Recruitment Video

You deserve to have culture and police recruitment videos that deliver results. Let us help you tell your story in a compelling and engaging way. To get started, contact us today.