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Why Should I Use Media Companies in Indianapolis To Produce Social Media?

Most businesses have a presence on social media these days. They recognize the value it brings to their marketing campaigns, enabling them to increase brand awareness and provide up-to-date company information in real-time. Now more than ever, video content plays a big role. Businesses that want to make the most of their social media presence should consider including videos produced by media companies in Indianapolis.

Why Use Social Media Video from Media Companies in Indianapolis?

You might be wondering why video is so important. After all, it’s simple enough to write a post. However, the reasons for including video are compelling, and there are plenty of statistics to support them:

Videos Are Eye-Catching

Video is an attention-grabber. When people scroll through their social media feeds, the movement and sound captured in a video can spark their interest and make them pause to see what’s happening there.

Videos Are Highly Shared

Once your audience sees a video on your site, they’re likely to share it. HubSpot reports that users are 40 times more likely to share visual content than text content.

Your Competitors Are Using Video

HubSpot also reports that 70% of companies invest in creating content for marketing purposes. Additionally, a Cisco report predicts that video internet traffic around the world will soon reach 82%.

Why Use Professional Video Services?

With all this attention, the videos that your company releases need to stand out from the crowd. The best way to accomplish this is to hire an expert to produce your videos professionally.

While it may seem easy enough to pick up a smartphone and start recording, media companies in Indianapolis have the expertise to produce high-quality content for your business. A good video takes time and planning.

Your company didn’t grow from amateur business methods. It thrives because your workforce comprises experts who know how to prepare and deliver your product or service. Likewise, the videos you use in your social media campaigns should reflect the level of professionalism your customers expect. Media companies in Indianapolis bring in expertise, high-end equipment and the ability to work within your marketing plan and budget.

What Videos Work Best on Social Media?

Each social media platform has its own requirements. TikTok videos, for example, are limited to 60 seconds, while Facebook has a maximum length of 240 minutes. This is why consumers approach each platform with different expectations and each has its own typical audience. Your videos’ style and messages should vary depending on the platform.

We can help you produce the right content for your audience. You may be interested in creating a product demonstration or employee spotlight, a video type that can be more in-depth. On the other hand, a quick review or announcement can take less than 60 seconds and include catchy special effects. We can help you match your video style to the right platform.

How Can I Work With Media Companies in Indianapolis?

MatchPoint Studio is excited to work with you and share your company’s story. We’re outstanding among media companies in Indianapolis. Contact us today and we’ll get your social media campaign started.