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3 Reasons To Have an IPO Roadshow Video

When a company is preparing for an initial public offering, the stakeholders consider the benefits of making an IPO roadshow video. A video can play a significant part in roadshow presentations, whether investors view this content at in-person events or online. Find out more about three of the main benefits of videos in IPO roadshows.

1. An IPO Roadshow Video Can Be Viewed in Person or Online

One of the main benefits of including a video in an IPO roadshow is that this content can be viewed anywhere at any time. Whether a roadshow includes presentations in major cities in the United States or is international, videos are an effective and powerful way of communicating important information about a company to potential investors.

A video made in anticipation of an IPO can provide viewers with background and history, introduce the mission and give information about the executives, current financial performance and future goals of a company preparing to go public. The ability to share a video online has the potential to open up an IPO to prospective investors beyond the attendees of roadshow events.

2. Roadshow Videos Consistently Give Polished Presentations

Some days are better than others on a roadshow. Small IPO roadshows may travel through up to 10 cities over 12 days, while larger roadshows carry on over the course of months. In each location, underwriters and company stakeholders are tasked with selling the strongest points of a company to potential buyers.

A professionally produced IPO roadshow video by MatchPoint Studio puts the best face of a company forward in any presentation. Events that include a video have a consistent element to establish a basis for question and answer sessions and other aspects of the roadshow. Companies that play high-quality roadshow videos during presentations may have an easier time presenting a company as effectively and consistently as possible at every investor event.

3. An IPO Roadshow Video Can Be Made for a Specific Audience

It may be worthwhile to tailor roadshow videos to particular audiences. If underwriters and stakeholders anticipate meeting with separate groups of analysts, buyers, fund managers or institutional investors, specialized videos may prove even more effective. Once an S-1 form has been filed, a video that supports the information made available to investors can help to seal the deal at a higher initial price.

Companies may benefit from having a general roadshow video and additional video content. Depending on the presentation attendees, schedule and whether a roadshow event takes place in-person, online or as a hybrid event, videos may play a large part in providing a cohesive and convincing representation of a company to every type of investor.

A good IPO roadshow video communicates essential information about a company to potential investors in a short period of time. Stakeholders should consider which topics can be best showcased in a roadshow video and plan the other aspects of presentations accordingly. No matter when and where viewers watch IPO roadshow videos, content produced by MatchPoint Studio delivers the best presentation every time.