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Lifestyle Video Content for Luxury Real Estate Condo Sales

Real estate and lifestyle video content go together like designer handbags and high-end cars. Videos, when done properly, attract more people to listings and foster trust with potential buyers and sellers. If you own luxury condos or work as a broker or agent, videos are essential for boosting your brand and building social proof. The buyers interested in luxury properties can be busy and are not always around to tour properties. Videos give them the opportunity to feel as if they are right there checking out condos.

Key Elements of Lifestyle Video Content for Luxury Condos

The best luxury condo videos focus on the areas surrounding the condos as well as on the condo property itself. The luxury experience encompasses many worlds rather than just a living space.

The Neighborhood Experience

Video for a listing in Chicago that is virtually on the shores of Lake Michigan could open with drone shots from the sky of the neighborhood’s skyline and the lake. It could segue into showing life on the ground to demonstrate the vibrant character of the area before transitioning to the condo property.

Setting the stage this way hooks buyers, creates a sense of anticipation, and anchors them in a place. You ease them into where the property is rather than make them guess it or research it themselves. Drone shots and closeups are great for these types of scenes. It’s also a good idea to end your lifestyle video content with another neighborhood shot to bring the video full circle.

If the video is solely to give prospective buyers a look at the area and the condo building rather than a specific property such as the penthouse, focus on the neighborhood. Subtitles and voiceovers help set the scene, for example, explaining what is nearby (the theater district, the riverwalk, public transit, specific restaurants, etc.) as each is featured. Sweeping drone shots can make buyers fall in love with a neighborhood.

Dynamic Property Features

Distance, motion, light, and space inside the condo property create a sense of dynamism. At the same time, zooming in and lingering on details is a great way to emphasize unique property attributes such as retro-style lights. Lifestyle video content lasting less than two minutes can still be extremely powerful, quickly conveying to potential buyers the information they need about many things in a condo:

  • The views from the property, including from the living room, bedrooms, and deck
  • Natural lighting and the generous use of windows and glass
  • The flooring throughout the property
  • Deck or patio space and possibilities (furniture, grill, firepit, etc.)
  • Amenities such as the pool, common lounge, or fitness room

It can also show off features of specific rooms, such as the appliances and cabinets in the kitchen or the types of faucet handles and showerheads in the bathrooms.

A Sense of Wonder and “What if I Was There?”

Many videos of condo properties do not feature voiceovers. The aim is to give prospective buyers the space they need to “explore” the property and imagine themselves in it (or to imagine themselves renting it out, whatever their purpose is). The lifestyle video content for your property should create a sense of wonder and make buyers want more.

Luxury buyers these days are more interested than ever before in features such as at-home offices, outdoor space, and restaurant-like kitchens. Use videos to great effect to highlight features such as these.

4 Reasons Video Content Drives Luxury Condo Sales

Buyers’ lack of time is just one element behind the reasons why short lifestyle videos boost luxury condo sales. Look at the common reasons people buy luxury condos and how videos help them make a decision.

1. Showcase a Possible Investment Many Buyers View as Safer Than Stocks and Bonds

Buyers in far-flung U.S. and international markets become interested in condos all over the world because of the potential for long-term income and appreciation. Some buyers purchase properties mostly based on the videos and may never set foot inside.

2. Provide an Overview of Elegant Living in the Heart of a City

Luxury condos are typically in or near major cities, right where most buyers like to be. Even if buyers live in the condo only part-time (or even less), the location gives them excellent bang for their buck. They are right in the middle of life: business, pleasure, and recreation. Condos are more versatile and offer a type of flexibility that standalone single-family homes cannot.

Lifestyle video content also showcases fantastic amenities such as gyms, pools, and even malls and cinemas. The videos can explain cleaning services, snow removal, and other services included in the maintenance or association fee.

3. Explain Security Matters

High levels of security are important to property owners, especially luxury condo owners who may live on the premises only part-time or who buy the condo for their children or other relatives. A video can show gated entrances, CCTV systems, security guards, well-lit parking garages, underground parking lots, entry systems, and other relevant aspects.

4. Save Time for Prospective Buyers

Lifestyle video content is an excellent alternative for prospective buyers who cannot see a property in person or who want to vet and narrow down properties before they commit to tours. Rather than spend precious hours going all over the city, an owner could view 10 videos and have his or her assistant set up in-person tours at the three best properties.

If you know your target audience and what specific slants you want your video content to take, it can work more effectively. For example, a video intended to reach security-minded luxury buyers would likely be different from a video geared toward the investment-minded or those who enjoy splurging on the finer things in life. 

Lifestyle Video Content Meets Many Needs

At MatchPoint, we make lifestyle video content for condo brokers, agents, property developers, and others in the luxury real estate business. Costs vary based on client requirements and the type of video you want. Get in touch today to start a project. Let’s work together.