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Whether you’re hosting a remote event or an in-person one, it can be a little awkward when your efforts at stimulating excitement and participation fall short. Planning and carrying out any type of event is a huge investment of time and money. Here are five ways to increase participation and event engagement so your investment pays off in a big way.

Surprise Your Audience To Promote Event Engagement

It’s essential to promote your event in an exciting way. You’ll want to entice your audience to attend by creating video advertisements and other types of marketing materials that will drum up excitement for the impending event date.

But you don’t want to give away all your secrets in your promotional videos. Keep at least one detail under wraps so you can surprise your audience and promote greater event engagement. For example, you might want to mention a “surprise guest” in your advertising, but don’t let the invitees know who it is until they arrive at the event. Whatever the surprise is, be sure it will get your audience pumped and excited.

Film the Event

One great way to encourage audience participation is to film the event as it happens. When your audience members see professional drones and other high-end filming equipment, many of them will want to make it to the final cut. That means they’ll be more excited to participate as much as possible in the event.

Utilize Multiple Marketing Channels

You are less likely to get good participation if hardly anyone shows up to your event in the first place. To prevent this type of embarrassing situation, make sure you utilize multiple marketing channels to get the word out about your live event. Social media, billboards, radio advertisements and flyers are all great ways to inform your community about the upcoming occasion. Investing now in a variety of marketing techniques will pay off in the long run.

Select the Right Speakers

You’ll have a pretty hard time promoting event engagement if you select dull speakers. Take some time to figure out which speakers will be most appealing to your target audience. It doesn’t necessarily help to poll community members and find out who they would love to hear from. Depending on your budget, you may not be able to book a speaker like Barrack Obama, but you should be able to settle on people who are stimulating and spark the interest of your audience.

Collect Data Before and During Your Event

To make your event and all future events as successful as possible, try to collect data from your audience. You can do this in the form of polls, surveys or audience questionnaires. For best results, do these things both before and after your event so you can learn more about the interests and dislikes of your audience.

In addition to helping you build a better outline for future events, data collected before and during your event can also be used to help you write white papers or press releases about the occasion.

Start Your Professional Event Engagement Video Project

Are you ready to maximize event engagement at your upcoming event? Contact MatchPoint Studio, and we’ll help you plan a video project that will earn the excitement and participation of your audience.