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5 Great Medspa Marketing Ideas To Build Your Brand and Attract New Clients

A medical spa lives in the gray area between a doctor’s office that caters to people seeking medical services, and a true spa. With this distinction in mind, you can tailor your marketing to individuals who want to refresh their looks, rejuvenate their bodies, and relax at your medspa while leaving with something of value. Because people are visiting your spa for specific procedures or appointments, it’s ideal to use appropriate language and terms that help them get a better idea of your services. Read through the following five tips for additional medspa marketing ideas when creating a new outreach plan for the year or season.

1. Use Targeted Ads for Medspa Marketing Ideas

You can’t control who sees your ads on social media platforms — but you can try. By using targeted ads to display your promotional materials to those most likely to become your clients, you can cut down on wasted spending in your marketing budget. Consider retargeting your ads (such as those that pop up on other sites as viewers browse the internet) as well when compiling a list of medspa marketing ideas.

2. Give Your Clients the Ability To Schedule Appointments Online

Clients who have memberships, loyalty cards, and perks such as scheduling their appointments through a portal on your website can take control of their medspa visits and may feel more loyal to you and your brand as a result. By letting your clients find times that work for them, you’ll also cut down on missed appointments and unnecessary phone traffic.

3. Get Involved With Your Community

Giveaways and promotions are great medspa marketing ideas, but they can’t be accomplished without a plan. Build your brand by engaging with locals, partnering with wellness centers or doctor’s offices in the area, and offering special discounts to those in your membership program.

4. Utilize the Services of a Professional Videographer

Storytelling in marketing is one of the best ways to create an image for your brand that people remember. Don’t just shoot a short film on your phone without professional-quality lighting, equipment, and sound design. By using a videographer experienced in creating corporate videos, you can create a narrative for your customers to prompt them to seek out your services over others.

5. Brag About Your Credentials

Medical spas come in all shapes and sizes and frequently offer aesthetic medical procedures such as chemical peels and injections alongside standard spa services such as facials. Some spas are not certified where they need to be. It’s to your advantage to list your spa’s credentials on your site to prove that your spa is top-notch. Are all procedures overseen by a board-certified plastic surgeon? Do you have nurses or other healthcare professionals on staff for every procedure? Every detail helps add legitimacy to your spa.

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