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Holiday Event Coverage Content for Christmas and New Year’s Events

Are you planning a festive corporate party, service project or another special holiday event? If so, in addition to planning the event itself, it’s also essential to prepare your content coverage for the event. While you should ensure in advance your event has adequate holiday event coverage so that people know when and where to show up, don’t forget to take plenty of video footage of the event itself so you can release post-event content detailing how successful it was.

Having adequate coverage and content for your corporate events is important for getting positive attention. Such coverage can help you improve brand awareness, boost employee morale and present a positive image of your company and the things it’s doing. Here are a few suggestions for planning content to cover your upcoming holiday events.

How To Plan Holiday Event Coverage

When planning content coverage for your holiday event, you need to plan for pre-event coverage, post-event coverage and coverage during your event. Here’s how you might want to break up those subsections.

Pre-Event Content

Before your event, you’ll want to garner excitement through engaging and entertaining content. In addition to traditional written event coverage, consider using video content to give sneak peeks and teasers about what’s in store for attendees. When done right, pre-event coverage can increase the excitement for your event and help you get a good turnout.

Content During Your Event

During your event, you’ll want to gather holiday event coverage for your post-event content. Consider getting short interviews of attendees and showing every aspect of your impressive event. Aerial shots are particularly impressive because they can give a bigger picture of just how many people are in attendance.

Telling a story with your holiday event content is also an effective approach. Stories tend to be both entertaining and memorable, which are two things you want to achieve with your holiday event content. Be sure to include as many individuals in your footage as possible. People are more likely to get excited about holiday event coverage content when there’s a chance they’re included in it.  

Post-Event Content

After the event, it’s important to compile and carefully edit the video coverage collected during the event. This is one of the hardest steps of the content creation process and requires patience, creativity and confidence. Your post-event content should provide a brief but impactful recap of the event.

Viewers should be able to feel the excitement of the event even if they weren’t able to attend in person. They should be drawn into the masterful videography and feel a positive connection with your company while watching. Making magic out of moments is a huge task, and it’s a skill that the professionals at MatchPoint have mastered.

Drum Up Excitement With Professional Holiday Event Coverage

If you’re looking for a company that can help you transform chaotic and fragmented video footage into a cohesive and engaging video, you’ve come to the right place. Contact MatchPoint today, and we’ll help you get started on your holiday event coverage project.

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