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Boost Your Real Estate Business: Why Real Estate Video Is Effective

The real estate industry is one of the most lucrative but also one of the most competitive. If you want to gather clients, sell properties and see success, then you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the real estate companies out there. All successful businesses require ingenuity. When you utilize real estate video to your advantage, you can reap many benefits. Check out the following guide to learn more about the effectiveness of video in the real estate industry.

What Purpose Does Real Estate Video Serve?

A beautiful description and a photograph can tell potential buyers about your property, but do they really do it justice? When someone is scouring the market for a new home, he or she needs as much information as possible out of the gate. Real estate videos can be used to inform your clients about your services and to showcase property on your website. Video is more convenient and more transparent than other forms of media.

How Has Real Estate Video Transformed the Industry?

Technology has affected most industries and has improved the real estate industry drastically over the last decade. When realtors arm themselves with the latest tools, they can promote their listings and generate new leads. As technology has advanced, cameras have too. Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to find a camera that can shoot high-quality footage. In fact, smartphones are the most popular way to capture video.

In the past, when potential tenants and homebuyers scoured listings, they were likely to see grainy, badly shot angles more than crisp pictures. Now, real estate agents can provide clients with panoramic views and walkthrough videos. High-quality pictures have become the standard, so if you want to go above and beyond to impress your clients, you should lean into real estate video offerings, such as:

  • Video walkthroughs
  • Real estate agency overviews
  • Client testimonials
  • Informational content

Not only has video technology transformed the industry, but it can transform your business for the better.

How Can Real Estate Video Benefit Your Business?

Did you know real estate agencies that use video listings see a 400% increase in inquiries? Additionally, potential sellers are more likely to hire an agency that uses video listings. The National Association of Realtors claims 73% of sellers want an agency that provides video listings. Real estate video can be a powerful tool that provides a variety of benefits to your company.

Provides Clients With Realistic Expectations

Pictures cannot capture the whole essence of a property. While you can take photos from various angles, it is nothing like seeing the property in person. When you only have static images, buyers have to analyze the various pictures to form an opinion about a property.  This can feel clunky and exhausting. When you don’t have a video, the potential buyer is more likely to be surprised upon seeing the property for the first time. Surprise isn’t always a good reaction.

A professional video tour of a property is more capable of capturing the feel of the space. The person behind the screen can feel more like he or she is at the property. Clients can see how the spaces between rooms connect and where the rooms are located within the home.

Helps Potential Clients To See You As a Professional

The way that you list your properties can be a form of marketing. Even if a site visitor doesn’t like a particular property, he or she may continue to view your portfolio because of how professional you are. Prospective clients see your videos and are more likely to see you as a dedicated agent who cares about your profession.

In addition, video overviews can inform potential clients about your brand. Your branding is what buyers and sellers will remember. It’s how you distinguish yourself from the rest of the competition. Likewise, it can help clarify the different services that you offer. A video overview can give the impression of a luxurious, high-end real estate agent or a down-to-earth, rural agency.

Gains Traction for Your Listings

If you want to sell homes, then you need to be able to reach your market. Video content is easy to share on social media. You can post the videos on your professional and personal social media pages. In addition, others can share the vids with their friends and loved ones who may be in the market for real estate.

Informs Your Clients About the Real Estate Market

Your leads often come to you because they aren’t as educated in the real estate market. They may not know the latest changes in the area. You have sales and new construction data that is valuable to new clients. Take real estate concepts and break them down into a concise format to explain to leads and potential leads.

You can also create how-to content. For example, think up quick tips and tricks about staging a home and create a video to give your professional opinion. If you present yourself in a friendly manner and offer advice and helpful information, leads are more likely to want to work with you. Videos can be effective because it humanizes you as an agent, so people feel more comfortable working with you.

Tells Your Previous Clients’ Experiences

Reviews and testimonials are critical for all businesses. Buyers and sellers are more likely to trust a highly recommended agent. Testimonial videos give your previous and current clients a voice. Potential leads want to hear from others they can relate to. When they hear a testimonial, they know that someone sought your business out for similar reasons and came away happy about it.

Represent Your Brand With Real Estate Video

In the real estate industry, you have to stand out from the rest of the competition. Especially nowadays, your ability to use technology to your advantage can impact your success. Real estate videos provide you with a way to show off the property, provide information and sell your brand. At MatchPoint Studio, our videos allow the audience to experience your brand firsthand. We can highlight your business, show off your properties and share customer tutorials with real estate video.