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5 Things To Consider for Your Real Estate Video Production

Video marketing is an essential tool for branding in any industry at virtually any stage of business. In particular, there are certain industries where visuals are especially important to the buying process, such as fashion, architecture and real estate. Real estate video production helps landlords and sellers showcase the best of the properties they have to offer. To ensure your videos successfully attract the attention of buyers and tenants, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

1. Purpose of the Video

Why do you need a video for your real estate business? What is the specific action you want to drive viewers to take? Identifying your goal early on ensures you make decisions with this purpose in mind. Don’t wait until you have a beautiful video created to realize you’re not 100% sure what you plan to do with it. Here are some common goals:

  • Invite long-term renters to view and rent the property.
  • Invite buyers to view the property and make an offer.
  • Attract real estate investors to purchase and develop the property.
  • Show off a short-term rental property to generate more publicity.

2. Real Estate Video Production Budget

There is no end to the number of add-ons you can include in your video that could send the price soaring. Whether you want 4K streaming quality, professional actors or drone footage, you could see the numbers start to climb. So, set a realistic budget from the onset. To know what counts as realistic, talk to other business owners and ask around for a few general quotes.

3. Telling a Story

Modern-day consumers have very short attention spans. After all, when was the last time you watched a YouTube video from start to end that was more than a few minutes long? Creating a storyline can pull people in and make it more likely for them to follow the entire video. Note that storytelling in the video does not necessarily involve narration or even acting. Experienced marketers and videographers can find the right storyline for you.

4. Setting the Tone

The tone of the video affects the story you tell and how you tell it. An excellent example of this is the Naked Truth ad campaign launched by Dropps. This daring ad features the CEO presumably naked for the entirety of the video and makes use of dry but effective humor. Will your real estate video be funny, daring, adventurous, serious or luxurious? If you go back to your purpose for the video, this question becomes easier to answer.

5. Real Estate Video Production Quality

Did you know some big companies deliberately shoot videos in lower quality to have an authentic and grassroots feel? Meanwhile, small companies often invest resources to get high-quality results. In real estate, especially in the luxury and commercial markets, high-quality, professional-grade videos tend to work best. Consider how quality affects your story, tone and brand and choose accordingly.

Are you ready to take your real estate video production to the next level? We are ready to serve you. MatchPoint Studio is located in the Indiana and Illinois area and has spent years creating videos that engage customers and boost conversion rates. Get your project started with us today.