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As your business grows and you hire new employees to help you continue your upward momentum, you’ll need to train any new members of your team. There are several ways to train new employees, but one of the most effective options available to you is video training. When you create training videos for employees, you free up your managers to do other things while simultaneously helping to improve the effectiveness of your training process.

According to a recent survey, at least 74% of employee trainers report using video learning for at least a portion of the training process. If you aren’t using this effective training approach, it may be time to consider getting started. Here’s a beginner’s guide to creating training videos for employees.

Decide on Formal Versus Informal Training Videos for Employees

Formal training videos may work best for some companies and some industries, but others may like the more personal touch of informal training videos. You’ll need to carefully consider which option works best for you and will best match your company’s persona and way of doing business.

Informal training videos tend to feel more like a conversation, while formal videos are a bit more professional. They both have their own unique benefits, so no matter which type you decide to create, you and your employees will reap the rewards of your efforts.

Figure Out What Type of Training Videos You Want To Create

There are many different ways to train employees, so you’ll need to figure out precisely what type of training you want to provide with your videos. Here are some of the most common types of training videos for employees.

  • Sales training
  • Regulatory compliance or legal training
  • Job safety training
  • Organizational structure training
  • Diversity training
  • In-depth software training

These are just a few popular ideas to get you started. Take a few minutes to figure out what information you need new employees to know, then figure out if it would be beneficial to provide that information in a training video.

Write a Script

Before you can create quality training videos for employees, you need to have a script. You don’t want someone to just shoot the breeze during the video, and a script will keep the video spokesperson on track.

Shoot the Video

This is where the process of creating training videos for employees can get tricky. You’ll need to film it in a way that’s interesting, engaging, and looks professional. You’ll want to make sure you have optimal lighting for your video and that there are no unwanted interruptions. If the thought of shooting your own employee training videos seems scary to you, don’t worry! You can always hire professionals to do it for you.

Hiring a professional videographer will not only ensure that the visual quality of your video is high, but it will also ensure that the sound quality is equally professional. The cost of such a project will vary, depending on how long your video is, whether you already have a script or need one written, and what additional services you may require.

Get a Quote for Training Videos for Employees

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