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When marketers first hailed content as king, written content was the primary engine used to drive results. Several years later, written content remains a crucial component in any SEO and marketing campaign. However, videos emerged as the top form of content people consume and the most effective tool for driving marketing results in a wide range of areas, including casino marketing.

Consider These Important Video Statistics

When determining whether videos should play a role in your casino marketing strategy, the results make all the difference. To determine what this might look like for you, take a look at these statistics for video marketing:

  • The time people spend consuming video content online doubled since 2018 alone.
  • A survey found that 86% of businesses include video content in their marketing plans.
  • Of the marketers who use video marketing, a whopping 92% describe video content as crucial to their marketing plans.
  • With more consumers turning to videos for product information, 94% of marketers find that videos successfully educate consumers on their products and services.
  • 87% of marketers report high returns on investment for video marketing.
  • 86% of video marketers say video content has effectively boosted lead generation.

Identify the Roles of Videos in Your Casino Marketing Plan

Video marketing can take many different forms and serve a wide range of purposes. Knowing precisely why you intend to create videos and the specific area of the sales funnel they should feed can do wonders for your strategy.

Brand Awareness

If you spend time on social media, you have likely pursued particular experiences or bought items because of videos. Maybe the interior of a hotel on a beach caught your attention or you loved the look of a specific luxury vehicle. Prior to this, you might have had no idea the product, service or location existed. Use video content to drive the same result for your casino.

Product or Service Information

What can guests do when they visit your casino? What makes it a better option than your competitors? With video content, potential customers don’t need to visit your casino to see what you have to offer. They can see it unfold on screen. This significantly shortens the conversion time for your business.


Have people who gambled at your casino experienced big wins? Did your casino host any major events recently? Video testimonials in casino marketing can be a powerful tool to attract more players and more events. People are more likely to listen to what other customers have to say than they are to listen to what businesses have to say about themselves.


All across America, employers are ramping up their efforts to attract more workers and to keep existing ones. You can use video marketing to show future employees the best of what it means to work in a casino. Video content can also provide basic training and orientation on arrival, which can save your recruitment team hours per hire.

Determine How To Integrate Videos Into Casino Marketing

How you integrate video content into your marketing strategy will depend on the goal you have in mind. For example, affiliate marketers might produce content for brand awareness, but professionals might work on content explaining backend information, such as how to book an event.

Work With Affiliate Marketers

Has your casino partnered with any social media influencers as part of your sales generation process? Social media influencers can play a crucial role in showing other potential guests for your casino what to expect when they arrive and all the perks they should check out to make their time there a delightful one. These professionals generally create their own content.

Involve Your Team

Depending on your strategy, you might choose to integrate key workers into your marketing content. Using your workers as your on-camera subjects can save the business a lot of time and money that you would otherwise spend finding professionals. Workers also offer more authenticity and can make better contributions to the creative process.

Hire Professionals

Social media influencers have proven that no one needs professional video editing skills to build an audience, but casino marketing is a little different. This industry primarily attracts high rollers or people hoping a big win will usher them into that lifestyle. Consequently, quality plays an important role and necessitates the use of professionals.

Consider the Cost of Video Marketing Tools

While video content certainly has a high return on investment, when you break even and generate a profit might depend on how much you invest in this tool. Because of the high-quality expectations attributed to a casino, there is no opportunity to rely on low-quality video content until you secure better equipment.

Luckily, even the average smartphone now comes with cameras with far better specs than digital cameras from a few years ago. Drones and lighting equipment have also become increasingly affordable. Nevertheless, you can expect to spend a few thousand dollars on acquiring equipment if you choose to do it yourself. Then, you need to find or train someone to use them.

Because social media influencers generally create their own content, you can judge previously created content to determine whether it fits with your image. However, influencers who create higher-quality content tend to cost more money. Still, this could be a lot less than purchasing the equipment yourself.

Hiring professionals eliminates the need for purchasing your own equipment. Professionals also bring economies of scale to the table. These experts specialize in creating video content, which generates cost savings that they can pass on to you. This strong focus also makes them even more skilled at what they do than influencers.

Hire Our Professionals To Handle Video Content for Your Casino Marketing

Video marketers often spend hours each week working on content. Shooting the video is only a fraction of the journey. Creative professionals need to create scripts, determine angles, figure out lighting, find actors or models, shoot and edit the content before publishing. Hiring professionals for the job frees your team to work on other important aspects of casino marketing. Are you ready to get started with our team at MatchPoint Studio? Tell us about your project.