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Video can be an incredibly useful tool to demonstrate your expertise, humanize your brand, and build trust with potential customers. In fact, 90% of people say that videos are helpful in the decision process, so it’s no wonder presenters across many industries have begun incorporating video content into their project presentations. However, if you’re not careful about how you use video in your presentation, it could do more harm than good. A professional video production and marketing company such as MatchPoint Studio can create the right kind of video content to suit your needs – without skipping a beat in the sales cycle.

Three Reasons To Include Video in Your Project Presentation

Using video content in your presentation helps you to stand out from the competition and make a strong impact on your audience.

1. Say More With Visuals

Whether it’s to show a product or service in action, demonstrate a process or procedure, or showcase a brand, nothing tells a story in a more vivid, brought-to-life way than a well-crafted and professionally designed video. A strong visual impact can keep your audience engaged and attentive.

One of the biggest distractions that deters listeners from concentrating on what you have to say is having to read at the same time. Too much text on a presentation is complicated and confusing. Video can fix that. Even a simple video can illustrate many concepts easily and quickly. It is appealing because it provides visual information that cannot easily be conveyed through text alone. This means that viewers are more likely to remember what they have seen.

2. Create a Mood

Set the mood for your audience. Is it serious, emotional, funny, or inspirational? A video in your project presentation can get the point across easily using strategic color schemes, images, music, and voice. You can lead your audience to feel and be moved in the way you want them to when they see or hear about your brand. Targeting emotions can give your presentation a competitive edge.

3. Stand Out From the Crowd

Using videos in your project presentation is a great way to keep it interesting and memorable. Be careful to not use videos just as filler or to show off. Video content should always be relevant and convey some kind of message. When used correctly, it increases engagement, builds trust, and makes whatever information you are trying to convey easily digestible.

Tips for Adding Videos to Your Project Presentation

If you’re looking to engage your stakeholders or get more people interested in your brand, adding video content to your presentations can be a great way to do it. Below are some tips on how to pull it off and make your video content work for you.

Stay Consistent With Your Brand’s Tone

Keep your brand’s unique voice, tone, and visual identity in mind when creating video content. If your company has a playful personality, for example, don’t use an overly serious tone and presentation style when featuring one of your products or services.

Take Advantage of Captions

Captions or subtitles are useful to include more information in your video content. Captions can be as short as a single line or span an entire page. They don’t have to be read out loud. Instead, they are for anyone who wants to know more about what is being said in the video. In addition, using captions will make your project presentation more accessible and inclusive for everyone who may need assistance hearing or understanding the material being presented.

Add Interactive Features to Your Video

Interactive video content is created for the purpose of engaging with your audience. The interactive elements can be embedded into the video or accessed from a separate website. They foster engagement by giving your audience the ability to practice what they are seeing in the video, and allow you to teach the audience what they need to know about your product or service before you ever talk about it.

Consider the Speed

When it comes to the speed of your video content, you want the viewer to be able to follow along easily from something on-screen to showing a video clip. If the transition is not smooth, then your audience may lose interest very quickly.

Additionally, if people watch a video online or on their phones, they expect it to load almost instantly. Your videos should load in under five seconds or else the users will simply move on.

Use Appropriate Lighting and Audio

If you are using your smartphone to put together video content for a project presentation, there is some must-have equipment to purchase. To make sure your video looks professional, opt for natural light instead of artificial sources. If natural lighting is not possible, invest in some good lighting equipment.

For added stability, a tripod or handheld stabilizer device is a must. This will ensure that no matter what kind of movement occurs during filming, the resulting footage will not be shaky and hard to watch. You would also need a microphone headset for better sound quality. The goal here is to get your audience engaged with the content, so it is important that they are able to hear every word clearly.

Avoid Using Stock Music or Stock Footage

A video that is filled with stock music and footage can feel generic, and it may get flagged for copyright infringement. To make the most out of a video, you must get creative with original content. See the wide array of custom videos created by MatchPoint Studio that are unique to each company and project they are designed for.

Final Thoughts on Using Video Content in Your Project Presentation

Video content elevates any project presentation, making it more interesting and memorable. However, custom, well-crafted videos take time and expertise. If you are nervous about creating your own video content or if you want to make sure your presentation is a knockout, consider hiring an external video creative agency. Their expertise can help you avoid common mistakes and work more efficiently.

Working with the right agency allows you to focus on what matters most: getting your message across. Contact MatchPoint Studio today to get started.