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How a Video Production Company in Chicago Can Enhance Your Social Media Campaign

About 54% of social media users research a product they are interested in using on social media, and what they find across the platforms and through referrals makes a difference for nearly 71% of users. To capitalize on the attention of these users, enlist the help of one of the highly ranked video production companies in Chicago. MatchPoint Studio can give your brand and social media campaign a boost with high-quality video production. With our help, you can gain new social media followers and drive sales upward to grow your brand.


The Importance of Video Production Companies in Chicago

All of the major social media channels have moved toward video as being the format of choice, and if the popularity and devoted followers of TikTok are any indications, video content has the ability to be addictive and persuasive. Consumers increasingly want, even demand, video content, but they want quality, engaging content worthy of their time. Too few businesses understand how to create these types of productions, nor do they have the equipment or resources to impress the consumer. This is why hiring expert help is the solution.

The Benefits of Working With the Best of the Video Production Companies in Chicago

Revamp your social media strategy with the help of MatchPoint Studio. Through the creative partnership of our experts and your team, the increase in the amount of video content across your social media platforms can yield significant benefits for your company.

It Delivers Increased Exposure

Social media algorithms are supportive of video content, as media clips usually hold the viewer’s attention longer than other imaging or posts. When viewers spend more time engaging with content, the algorithms boost that content to an expanded audience. Instagram videos receive more engagement than any other posting content, and engagement on Tweets with videos is 10 times more than other post types. There are numerous social media sites that you can release video content to, increasing brand awareness.

It Supports Engagement Longevity

Regardless of how big a business may be, marketing funds are usually limited. Making the most of the budget means producing content that is extremely effective and that has a long shelf life. Video scores high in engagement and also has longevity. Videos tend to encourage more shares and interaction, which keeps content moving through the social media ecosystem longer. The costs of high-quality, professionally made videos can be intimidating to small businesses, but the return on investment is much stronger than other social media strategies.

It Is a Growing Trend

Working with the best of the video production companies in Chicago gives your business an advantage over the competition in a growing trend. Engagement and desire for video content have been on the rise over the past few years. Even in 2019, there was a weekly average of close to seven hours of online video watching. However, the impact of COVID-19 has seen a significant increase in social media usage across all platforms, as users are adhering to social distancing and isolation suggestions in the interest of their health. Video content is an effective way to appease consumer expectations of entertaining brand-focused content.

It Appeals to Important Audiences

Today’s consumer audience is made up in large part by the Generation Zers. This demographic is much more connected to all things digital and technology than any of the prior generations. YouTube is a primary source of both entertainment and educational content, making video content a comfort zone. Because digital content and videography have been such an integral part of their lives, these consumers demand quality content. Choosing to work with MatchPoint Studio above the other video production companies in Chicago helps ensure you don’t lose the Gen Z audience.

It Expands To Meet the Need

It takes time and effort to produce high-quality, engaging video content, but doing so can be an effective way to reach multiple audiences across a variety of platforms. This expanded outreach provides a higher return on investment. Producing content for Instagram Reels and TikTok can be done simultaneously, as each platform uses a 9:16 format. Videos produced in 16:9 can be shared across YouTube, Facebook and IGTV, and these platforms are suited to videos with longer-form content than the others. MatchPoint Studio works to ensure your video content can be repurposed, making the most of the investment.

It Makes Your Brand Personal

For your brand to succeed with the modern-day consumer, you need to be more than just a nice logo or an affordable service or product. You need to make your brand more personal and relatable to the consumer. Social media offers a direct connection to large audiences, and video content created from video production companies in Chicago showcases the value and voice behind your brand. A successful social media campaign should develop an emotional, more human connection between the community and your brand. Videos can be more persuasive and relatable than photos.

It Is a Strong Sales Tool

Though a picture may be worth 1,000 words, you could say that video content is worth millions on social media. As a marketing strategy, video content published across social media is proving to be highly effective. As many as 93% of leading marketing agencies agree that one quality video produces one new customer. This is a great return, particularly when you think of the value in the lifespan of a customer compared to the simple initial cost of the content. Video content has strong purchasing power, but only when it is done well.

It Isn’t Going Away

Video content is only going to become more popular as the consumer continues to demand a digital-first experience. For this reason, it is time your company makes a stronger investment in quality video content. Video content is here to stay, and you need to take advantage of the benefits that come from hiring MatchPoint Studio to help improve the video quality of your social medial strategy.

Hiring the Best of the Video Production Companies in Chicago

For the maximum benefits, choose among expert video production companies in Chicago. MatchPoint Studio has a team in place to deliver video content that your brand can be proud to stand behind.