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Video Production in Indianapolis: How To Grow Your Company

People are consuming more information from their phones, tablets, and computers than any other media sources these days. The latest marketing trends show consumers overwhelmingly prefer video content. On social platforms alone, video shares occur 12 times more than images and texts combined. Videos increase sales revenue 49% faster than traditional marketing approaches.

These statistics show that businesses need to participate in the digital marketing realm to remain competitive. It is important to have an experienced team provide the right interactive marketing strategy for your company and produce quality visual material. Here are some creative ways businesses build interest in their products and services through video production in Indianapolis.

Tell Your Story With Video Production in Indianapolis

One of the most important ways to get your company recognized on social platforms is to tell your story. Customers want to know what your business has to offer them and why they should put their trust in you. Videos give you the chance to get your message out with your unique voice.

At MatchPoint Studio, our production team will work with you to find the best way to market your company image. These are some useful video types that draw attention to your brand:

  • Spots: These are classic commercials that give an overview of your business and make direct customer engagement. These traditional appeals remain effective, even with the move toward advertising on social media platforms.
  • Culture videos: Company culture videos help businesses establish their brands by giving people an insight into how a company functions. It is a popular way to introduce information about your company and employees and to promote your values to the public.
  • Explainer videos: Some companies require video marketing to explain to customers how a product works and why it is necessary. Visual demonstrations of a product on a landing page or homepage are helpful tools that get noticed. These videos can be live-action, scripted or animated to best reach your audience.
  • Testimonials: These videos are an effective way to draw new customers and retain your loyal base. They go right to the core of social interactions because people like to get information from other product users. 

It is essential that videos accurately capture the personality and mission of your company. Your company’s story is unique, and your media campaigns should reflect this fact. Videos should be creative and informative, so you hit the right marks with your advertising goals. A good script and proper staging will attract people’s attention and make your point.

Get Brand Recognition

Brand recognition and brand appeal are both essential to place your business ahead of the competition. You want to meet your customers where they work and play, so digital marketing is the method to spark interest and show your personality.

You can be endlessly creative about your video styles. Talk with your team and make certain your vision for the project is met. Here are few areas to keep in mind when you use video marketing:

  1. Budget for the project
  2. Scope of the video
  3. Timeline (pre-production, production, post-production)
  4. Location scouting
  5. Script development ideas
  6. Equipment needs
  7. Marketing strategy

It is important to bring all of your ideas to the table in pre-production meetings. Perhaps you want to use a company spokesperson or employees for a company culture video. Maybe you have a company tagline that should be included in the script, or you want a series of videos that follow a theme. The possibilities are limitless, but getting the information to your video marketing team as soon as possible will help guide them in the process.

Highlight Events or Special Promotions

Sometimes you need to promote specific events or advertise various product promotions. This is well-liked content with customers that draws frequent views on social media. If you plan to feature exclusive content, be sure to schedule with your video team in advance.

Great videos require attention to detail, so it is important to have time to get the best production values possible. This means a better return on investment for your marketing dollars and premium content for your viewers.  

Give Access to Your Company Operations

People who like a particular brand usually have a curiosity about the company who makes the products. A smart way to show them what your about is to feature a behind-the-scenes look at your company. You build brand interest and make them feel like friends. This is also an excellent strategy for customer retention, and it gives people useful information to pass on to other potential buyers.  

Use Vlogging To Show Personality

Vlogging is a highly popular way to speak to people consistently and cost-effectively. Research shows that 93% of businesses got new customers from posting videos on social media. Additionally, 54% of customers would like to see increased video content from their favorite brands. The data is compelling for business owners. Video production in Indianapolis is the key to effective advertising in the digital age.

There are four important reasons to get started now: drive user interest toward your company, establish your brand as the go-to source, retain long-term customers, and build new relationships. Businesses have an opportunity to become leaders in this fast-growing medium. This is a viable tool to get an edge in the exploding visual marketplace.

In addition to vlogging, there are options for doing a longer format web series or documentary-style videos. These allow you to give an in-depth take on your story. These are typically larger budget productions and work best when appealing to loyal customers or enthusiasts of your particular brand or product.

Choose the Leader in Video Production in Indianapolis, Marketing, and Branding

At MatchPoint Studio, we are visual storytellers. We conceptualize your personal story, build the storyboard and produce a video product that will highlight the unique aspects of your company. Our team makes the experience a fun and straightforward process that delivers results. We believe in setting the standard for our industry by delivering the highest quality videos to your target audience. As your story evolves, we are here to develop new media to reach your customers. Contact us to learn more about video production in Indianapolis and to get your project started!