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When it comes to video advertising, over 40 percent of people say they are more likely to buy a product after they’ve watched a video about it. That makes video a critical advertising platform. Understanding the advantages of including video in your advertising budget can help you justify the content creation costs for a professional video to highlight your company, products or services. In fact, there are far more benefits to video as part of your advertising budget than you might think.

Video Advertising Can Enhance Mobile Experiences

Mobile platforms and devices condense text and can make it harder to process. With video marketing, you can present information in a format that’s easy to view and easy to consume. Mobile devices have become a conduit to everything that is happening in daily life, from social media to commercial advertising. Presenting products and brand marketing in video format can help you enhance a prospective customer’s experience with your company by creating a more active connection between your business and your target market.

Video Advertising Can Improve Engagement

Users are far more likely to share video content than text advertising, so populating your social media and other online platforms with videos for your marketing and advertising helps you boost engagement. Customers interact with video content more readily, stopping to watch videos when they might otherwise scroll past text or pictures. When you are creating marketing messages and branding that you want to be sure your target market will see, choose video over text or images.

Video Advertising Can Increase Search Engine Optimization Ranking

Search engines rank websites based on a complex series of criteria, including the presence of video. In fact, with video becoming increasingly popular across social media and other mobile platforms, SEO rankings are prioritizing video content more than some other elements. Choosing video marketing material gives you the chance to raise your company’s search engine ranking based on the revised algorithms and enhanced engagement. Improved SEO rankings boost visibility for your company in search engine result pages, which can increase traffic to your site and company social profiles.

Video Advertising Can Establish Trust

Building a brand means establishing not only your identity in the marketplace but also a relationship with your target market. In a time when social media influencers are taking over the conversations, businesses need to establish their credibility and trustworthiness if they want to reach a broader market.

Authenticity is a crucial way to build that trust. Video marketing gives you the opportunity to be real with your customers and give them a glimpse behind the curtain. This helps build trust and establish that relationship that’s critical to increasing your customer base.

These are just a few reasons you should invest in video advertising as part of your marketing approach for your business. Contact us at MatchPoint for an estimate to see how we can help you with concept development, video production and advertising that provides multiple benefits. Working with a professional, full-service company can make a difference in how your customers perceive and engage with the videos you produce.