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Marketing strategies are constantly evolving to keep up with ever-changing consumer demands and expectations. If you’re still relying primarily on classic advertising methods (such as printed advertisements and search engine optimization), it may be time to make a shift that will help you become more competitive in your market. Consider adding user generated content to your overall marketing strategy and watch your conversion rate improve in response. Are you wondering “what is user generated content?” If so, here’s what you should know about this underutilized but highly effective form of advertising.

Understanding User Generated Content

User generated content is any type of content that is made and shared by customers or users. UGC includes:

  • Video
  • Photos
  • Gaming video content
  • Online reviews
  • Customer feedback

User generated content is quite popular and can drum up excitement and interest for a product or service. People tend to trust user generated content more than other forms of advertising because it is usually honest and authentic. It’s also experience-driven, which makes it more relevant for people who are trying to decide whether to purchase a certain good or service. There are 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram alone, which means that user generated content on your social media platforms has the potential to reach a huge audience.

Why User Generated Content Is Essential for Successful Marketing

Now that you know what is user generated content, there are many reasons why you should include it in your successful marketing approach. Here are a few of the benefits this type of content can offer your business:

  • Diverse content
  • Wide reach
  • Improved brand exposure
  • Unlimited flow of fresh, new content
  • Improved interaction
  • Increased conversions

When you have a wide variety of customers creating user generated content for you, your content remains fresh, diversified, and interesting. This type of content also has the potential of going viral and reaching a very wide audience of potential customers. The more brand exposure you can get from this type of content, the more people will become familiar with your products. Familiarity is a key component driving purchasing decisions.

User generated content also helps drum up interest and trust in your brand. When potential customers can easily find videos, photos, and honest reviews from your current customers, they are more likely to perceive your brand as legitimate and trustworthy.

All of these benefits are great on their own, but they also lead to an overarching benefit all companies strive for: increased conversions. Never underestimate the importance of user generated content in all its different forms. If this type of content doesn’t currently have a valued space in your marketing campaign, make room for it.

Learn More About User Generated Content

Hopefully we have answered your question about “what is user generated content?” We understand that this subject can be a little complicated for new businesses. To learn more about this type of content and how to start harnessing its power in your marketing campaign, contact MatchPoint Studio today. We’ll help you tell your story more effectively through quality user generated content.