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 5 Ways To Use Video Marketing

Video marketing has become the king of the advertising world. While most people think of cable ads and YouTube interruptions when they think of video ads, the medium offers much greater versatility than this. The many ways videos can be used continue to grow as platforms expand video support and companies find new ways to attract customers. So, what is video marketing and is it worth investing in for your business? These five uses can help you decide.

1. Share an Overview

Do you need a video that showcases the highlights of what your brand brings to the table? Overview videos can help you achieve this and so much more. One of the amazing features of overview videos is their versatility; they can be placed practically anywhere:

  • Pinned Facebook or Twitter post
  • Home page of the company website
  • Product or service page
  • Sales presentations
  • Trade show presentations

2. Boost Recruitment Efforts

Smart employers value employees as assets. These assets have a wealth of options in the markets, and those options grow exponentially for the best workers. Turnover is expensive, so choosing compatible people is also important. Recruitment videos help companies showcase the best of their leadership team, the highlights of their organizational culture and additional perks of working for the company. These videos can serve two purposes: attraction of talent and orientation.

3. Make a Pitch or B2B Sales

Whether you want to make a B2C sale on an Instagram feed or at the end of a B2B presentation, video marketing can help. Sales videos help business owners and sales teams close the deal, even while they sleep. They can also make it easy to standardize presentation closings around the world after customizing the initial pitch for each new potential client. Social media platforms have simplified the ways to incorporate this in PPC ads. This creates a wealth of opportunities.

4. Showcase Products or Services

Which do you think helps customers make better buying decisions about any product or service: a photo or a video? Both are useful, but videos show a more complete picture. Videos can also demonstrate the immediate impact products or services have on the people who use them and their long-term lives. Product videos are especially useful when the product is not yet available for purchase.

5. Encourage Event Attendance

Have you ever seen a video of a past event that makes you want to book a ticket for the next one? Annual music festivals and business conferences often promote like this. However, any event could potentially benefit from a video illustrating the value people can expect to earn from attending the event. Event videos are often among the most elaborate and may include drone shots. They also leave a lot of room for creativity.

Do these uses help you put the question of what is video marketing into context? Are you ready to invest in better video marketing services for your business? Get a quote from MatchPoint Studio today. We are also happy to answer any outstanding questions you have.