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If you want your employees to be good at their jobs and maximize their efficiency from day to day, proper training is essential. Despite the cost of developing training resources for your employees, most employers agree that the return on investment is well worth it. Well-trained employees tend to have higher morale, better knowledge of company policies, and reduced supervision when compared to employees that have not been sufficiently trained.

Like everything else in life, not all training resources are created equal. While any step to develop training programs is a step in the right direction, most modern-day companies are starting to realize the importance of using video as part of the training process. Here are a few reasons why it is important to add video to your training portfolio.

Benefits of Adding Video to Your Training Resources

Research shows that visuals are very important for learning. Here are some of the top benefits of adding visuals (through video) to your training program.

Make Communication Simpler

Showing someone how to do something is often much simpler than telling them how to do something. Many people learn best when given visuals in combination with written or verbal instructions. This makes sense when you consider that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Promote Longer Storage of Information

Words are processed and stored in short-term memory, while images are processed and stored in long-term memory. This means that using video in your training resources will help viewers store and recall the information better. When your employees have an easier time remembering the training material they see, they are less likely to be uncertain about how to perform certain duties.

Increase Motivation

If you want to increase motivation amongst your employees, creating a motivational training video is one of the most effective ways to achieve your goal. Engaging videos help combat boredom in employees and motivate them to perform better. The more motivated your employees are, the harder they are likely to work. Motivated employees also tend to have better attitudes about the work they perform.

Improve Comprehension

Some concepts can be difficult to comprehend, but video can make them simpler. Visual language is generally easier to analyze and comprehend than written information alone. If you want to help your employees better understand what they learn in training, it’s wise to include video in your training resources.

Stimulate Desired Emotions

Visual information and emotion are processed in the same area of the brain. You can use this fact to your advantage by using video to stimulate the desired emotions in your trainees. Powerful images can create lasting emotional responses when created by professionals who know how to link the two together. MatchPoint Studio uses visual storytelling to create videos that invoke specific emotions in your audience.  

Boost Your Training Resources With Video Today

Are you ready to boost your training resources and make them more engaging and effective? Try adding video today. MatchPoint Studio provides professional-quality videos that can enrich your training program. Contact us today to get started on a project.