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Technological advances impact businesses now more than ever. As a result, you may face increased expectations in video applications for conferences or conventions. However, there’s no need to stress out about conference video production. Many companies offer professional video production services tailored to your needs.

How Conference Video Production Helps

Visual storytelling is one of the most effective tools for selling your products or services. Business websites that include videos often see a huge increase in web traffic. A video accompanied by excellent SEO practices further increases the likelihood of potential customers finding your business site.

You can also use videos to revamp presentations for conferences. Everyone learns and processes information differently, often preferring visual or audible methods or a combination of both. Videos use both visuals and audio, making it easier for many people to follow along and understand a concept or story. Videos are also a great way to tout studies or testimonials about products.

How Professional Conference Video Production Helps

It may seem tempting to create conference videos yourself to save time and money. Sometimes that can work out great. However, professionally crafted videos from a trusted video production company are more likely to impress your business associates and clients. You can also capture the conference’s highlights with a professionally crafted video or excite people about future conferences with video invites.

A video production agency helps make sure your video is tailored not only to your business but the conference goals, too. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of making videos, you risk making them too long or short or accidentally leaving out important information. Viewers won’t stick around if the video is too long or confusing. A professional video production company organizes your video, so it tells a clear story, states your business’s values and motivates clients to take action.

How Video Production Works

High-quality videos go through three important steps: preproduction, production and postproduction.


Planning and creative endeavors such as scriptwriting and storyboarding are major parts of preproduction. Hiring a professional video production company simplifies this process. Their team members know how to determine the project budget and objectives, align the story to draw viewers and cast the right actors for the video.


Video production involves shooting a video, requiring a crew of camera operators, makeup artists and audio engineers. A professional conference video production team reduces time and hassle since they’re already experienced in working together to create high-quality content designed for a specific objective.


The last step in video creation is postproduction, which involves a considerable amount of editing and polishing until the video is ready to be delivered and used.

Conference Video Production Costs

The overall cost of making a video varies based on individual production factors. Variables that can influence the price for each project include:

  • Preproduction evaluations
  • Creating storyboards and scripts
  • Permits
  • Location reservations
  • Equipment
  • Video editing

A video production agency navigates these variables to create amazing videos for your business.

Get started on your business project today. Contact MatchPoint Studio for an estimate to start planning your conference video production. We craft stirring content based on your company’s unique qualities and needs.