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Modifying products is something every business does. As times change and a new generation of buyers arrives on the scene, it may be necessary to upgrade your formulas, designs or packaging to appeal to your new customer base. However, these updates may not make much of a difference for your business if your customers are not aware of the changes. That’s where product update videos come in handy. Here’s what you should know about such videos and why they’re so important for showcasing changes made to your products.

The Value of Product Update Videos

Text will never go out of style. Quality written content is always going to be a primary method of advertising for many companies, but there is another, more effective form of marketing that has arrived on the scene. It’s video marketing, and it’s highly effective at getting conversions if you know how to do it right.

Companies that simply add a video to their marketing emails can improve their click-through rates by as much as 300%! What this means for you is that you should utilize product update videos to showcase any changes or improvements you make to your products. Doing so could drum up the interest and excitement you need to improve your sales.

Seeing Is Believing

You can tell customers all about your product changes, but the old saying “seeing is believing” applies. Customers prefer to see the changes you’re talking about with their own eyes. Video gives you the ability to show your target audience a real-life picture of what you’re doing. Plus, videos are easy to share on social media, which means you’ll have an easier time getting the word out about exciting changes your company is making.

Videos Show a Story

The ability to tell a story in an interesting way is an important part of content marketing, but what if you could show a story instead of simply telling it? With product update videos, you can. At MatchPoint Studio, we know how to bring your brand to life through masterful visual storytelling. Each video we create is as unique as the client for whom we’re creating it.

If your goal is to update your target audience on product changes in the most exciting and visually dynamic way possible, we encourage you to order product update videos from us. A single minute of video content is more effective than hundreds of words.

Take Your Convincing Power to the Next Level

When you update your products, the hardest part of the process is convincing your customers that your new products are much better than their predecessors. People tend to be wary of change, so it will take some convincing on your part to get them to see the changes you make in a positive light.

When you use a professional video to showcase product upgrades, the video does all the convincing for you. With the expert use of light, sound and other visual and audio elements, your video will do so much more than convince your audience. It will impassion them.

Order Your Product Update Videos Today

Are you ready to see for yourself how effective product update videos can be when showcasing product changes? Contact MatchPoint Studio today to get started on your project.