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Municipal development projects are important for the growth and advancements of communities. In some cases, these types of projects are welcomed enthusiastically by the communities in which they take place. In other cases, you may experience intense and persistent pushback against a project you are either planning or getting ready to construct.

To help you garner support for your project, it’s important to do a few things, including obtaining community feedback, establishing a clear budget, and educating the community about the project. Creating an instructional video is a great way to educate community members about what the project involves so you can dispel any rumors or myths before they have a chance to take hold. Here are a few reasons why you should use video to promote your next municipal development project.

Remove Trepidation Concerning Community Impact

Any large community project can cause concern amongst community members. This may be because such projects are often associated with a rise in taxes or notable changes to the way the community looks. For these reasons, city council members and residents in the affected neighborhoods may tend to feel trepidation about any municipal development proposal. A quality promotional and informational video can help remove any apprehension by clearly showing what the project will entail.

Use your video to explain how you plan to allocate your budget. Be sure to mention both short-term and long-term budgetary goals. The clearer you are about how the project will be paid for, the easier it will be to dispel rumors surrounding the project’s monetary impacts on the community.

Sway Opinions About Your Municipal Development Project

When you’re promoting a municipal development project, it’s essential to walk a fine line between informing and persuading. You don’t want your audience to feel like they’re getting a sales pitch, but it’s also important to sway opinions in your favor.

A quality video can help you gently persuade your audience that your project is a good idea. If you’ve never created a persuasive video before, there are a few tactics you’ll need to learn if you want to utilize this method effectively. Here are some of the components of good promotional videos:

  • A clear opening with a hook
  • An effective closing that recaps the most notable points of your video
  • Expert use of movement and visual elements to enhance interest
  • High-quality video script to explain the benefits and details of the project
  • Strategic use of video and sound to stimulate the desired emotions

If you’re not sure how to create such a video, don’t worry. You don’t have to attempt this type of project on your own. You’ll have greater success if you hire a professional videography service that knows how to create engaging stories that inform and persuade.

Get High-Quality Videos To Promote Your Municipal Development Project

At MatchPoint Studio, we know how to create a visual story that will bring your project to life in a fun and exciting way. If you want to generate buzz and positive interest around your proposed municipal development project, we invite you to reach out to us today for an estimate based on your unique video needs.