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If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve probably seen a live stream or two. Real-time broadcasting of events is taking the internet by storm, and your company can take advantage of it. When it comes to video marketing, a creative and practical approach is through live streaming events.

What Are the Benefits of Live Streaming Events?

Video marketing is one of the most versatile marketing options for business owners, and streaming live video is one of the many ways a company can benefit. You can host events where your potential clients or customers can ask questions and provide tutorials or other informational content.

Reach Your Targeted Audience

When you host a live stream, you can reach your audience on your time. You engage with an audience immediately interested in your brand that may convert into leads. Real-time engagement helps filter out those who have less interest in what you have to offer at the moment.

Experience Live Engagement

Live streaming connects you with your clients, allowing you to communicate in real-time with your audience. This creates a more personalized experience for you and your potential customers. If you have interesting content, you will receive interest from prospective clients you may not have been able to reach otherwise.

Distinguish Yourself From Other Companies

Live streaming may be the answer if you want to give your brand a boost compared to other companies. There are not a lot of organizations taking full advantage of what a live stream can do for marketing. 

How Can Your Company Use Live Streaming?

The best live streaming events to promote your company depend on the products or services you offer. 

Real Estate

The real estate industry uses live streaming in no-contact house hunting. In the past, if a real estate agent hosted an open house or needed to show a property, the potential buyers had to show up. While in-person showings are still beneficial, you can host virtual walk-throughs, allowing you to invite more people to the viewing.

Product Sales

Before potential customers make a purchase, they often want to see your product or service in action. Videos paint a better picture than photography or descriptions of an item. When you go live with your customers, you have the opportunity to address questions about your product and to make sales in real-time.

Beauty and Cosmetics

Hosting events in the beauty and cosmetics industry is a way for you to bond and connect with your audience. Live stream tutorials, interviews with makeup artists and makeovers to interest clients.

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness live streams allow you to show your potential clients or patients what you offer. You can do question-and-answer streams where your audience can ask about the benefits of your services. For the fitness industry, you can also stream workouts where you interact with your audience.

Try Live Streaming Events With MatchPoint Studio

If you want to make the most out of video marketing, your brand could benefit from live streaming. Contact us today and learn how we can tell your brand’s story through video marketing and live streaming events.