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Creating marketing content is an investment in your company. While you can produce promotional videos on a limited budget, your budgeted investment may not pay off in the end. Like New York and Los Angeles, Chicago is host to thousands of companies who would be happy to take your business. This is why the cost of promotional video production in Chicago is often worth it.

Why Make a Promotional Video?

If your business is struggling to find clients, a promotional video is one of the most powerful ways to connect with potential clients or customers. In the later internet era, video has emerged as the single most dominant method of conveying information. Because videos feature both visual and auditory cues, they allow viewers to learn about products or services more quickly than they would through a radio or billboard ad alone.

How Do You Find a Focus for Your Video?

When making a video, your creative direction, intended audience, and other factors can result in a very different end product than your closest competitor’s. Promotional videos are an opportunity to showcase your product or service as well as your unique company culture. Conveying yourself effectively is one of the most important aspects of marketing video production. Consider this when brainstorming concepts and budgeting for your shoot. 

What Goes Into the Cost of Promotional Video Production in Chicago?

As in any major city, the cost of hiring help with a promotional video in Chicago can vary so widely that it is difficult to give an accurate estimate. A marketing video is essentially a minor movie shoot, so there are many factors to consider. Clients occasionally anticipate saving on costs by relying on computer graphics and animations. In some cases, however, animation can be more expensive than standard shoots.

Factors that can influence the total cost include:

  • Concept development
  • Location licenses and scouting
  • Scriptwriting and planning
  • Computer graphics and animation
  • Personnel costs and wages
  • Necessary equipment

You may find that several of the above costs can be mitigated easily. For example, if your office is an ideal shoot location, you may not need to find another place. Perhaps you already happen to have talented actors and artists on staff. Saving on costs can be prudent, but you should never sacrifice quality for cost.

Is Promotional Video Production in Chicago Worth the Cost?

In the modern era, promotional content is essential for most businesses that rely on a steady influx of sales traffic. As video is the premier platform for advertising your business, a promotional video is a virtual necessity if you want to compete effectively on the open market. Remember, a promotional video is an investment. The higher the quality of your video, the greater its longevity can be.

If you are looking for the best professional promotional production services in the area, MatchPoint Studio has you covered. Remember, the cost of promotional video production in Chicago depends on a number of factors. To learn more and receive an estimate, contact MatchPoint Studio with your information and business goals today.