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Real estate has become one of the fastest-growing industries in America. Developers can hardly keep up with the demand for more residential and commercial properties. However, competition is also strong. Using a pitch video is an excellent way to illustrate the development you have in mind to company executives, external investors, lenders and government agencies. 

What Is a Pitch Video?

Real estate development requires visionaries, but the people you pitch your ideas to might not have that same vision. You might see an apartment complex where they see a barren wasteland or a beautifully restored Victorian home where they see a boarded-up dump. Pitch videos help you bring your ideas to life, so key stakeholders and future customers can share your vision.

When Should You Use a Pitch Video?

There is no one format for real estate pitch videos. The end result all comes down to how you use it and when. Consider the following options:

  • Proposals: Videos make it easy to show stakeholders how you intend to use resources to develop a property worthy of their investments.
  • Interviews: When looking for work in real estate development, a pitch video showcasing your previous projects can do wonders to bolster your professional reputation.
  • Meetings: Whether your meeting tackles project updates or you’re discussing problems in the project, videos can illustrate points better than mere words can.
  • Marketing: Videos showcasing the final product make it easier to secure buy-in from new-construction homebuyers ahead of project completion.
  • Remote Clients: When pitching a home or commercial space to remote clients, walk-through videos of the space and mockups of what it could look like can do wonders to close that sale.

Why Do You Need a Pitch Video?

Video marketing isn’t the only way to sell your ideas or yourself to key stakeholders. You can use charts, photos and presentations. However, videos are the most engaging option. So, why sell yourself short and give up the potential for maximum effect? Here are some additional reasons to consider videos:

  • It’s easier to tell a story, which is key to pitching ideas to stakeholders and customers.
  • Stakeholders can watch and re-watch videos at a later date while they decide.
  • Videos can make use of both actual and engineered scenery to engage viewers.
  • Videos provide the best opportunity to illustrate real estate developments in full detail.
  • Forbes reports that 90% of customers use videos to make purchasing decisions.

How Can You Ensure Your Pitch Video Works Well?

The most important thing to consider is your audience. Are you creating this video for a lender or investor, or are you creating it for a future buyer? The details you include for either one might differ. This also ties into the purpose. Do you want to attract money for investors or clients, or do you need to convince environmental agencies that your project won’t harm the environment?

Finally, ensure you work with professional video marketers. These individuals know how to help you create beautiful imagery and tell a compelling story. The production quality will reflect on the project, so a professional quality pitch video can only be to your benefit.

At MatchPoint Studio, our team of professional video marketers works hard to bring real estate visions to life. Find out how we can help you pitch your next real estate development project.